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Apple’s iPhone 15 series has once again proved the tech giant’s commitment to innovation. The latest line-up fully transitions to the Type-C interface, moving away from the Lightning ports of yesteryears. Along with this game-changing modification, Apple has introduced its official Type-C charging cables. As expected from the brand, quality comes at a premium price.
240w 2m cc cable iphone 15 lightning cable
HDMI is a modern digital link for transmitting uncompressed audio and video. Supporting features like 4K resolution and 3D visuals, it’s found in devices from laptops to TVs. With a single HDMI cable, you can easily mirror or extend displays between devices for an enhanced viewing experience.
What is a good iPhone cable recommendation? – Material: not easy to break II Cables Must be MFI certified III use the cable more carefully about plug in and plug off, or to put something on cable SR part to protect it.
The answer is: Due to the closed ecosystem of Apple iOS, even cell phone accessories need to be certified and supported by Apple.MFi (Made for iOS) certification is a kind of license mark that Apple authorizes the production of for accessory manufacturers.MFi is an acronym for Apple Made for iOS and is a kind of permission mark for Apple to use for the authorized production of accessory manufacturers.Apple accessories that have passed the MFi certification have certain restrictions on the quality of their components and production processes, and Apple will not provide an after-sales warranty for products damaged by using accessories that have not passed the certification. Apple data cables are used for data transfer, in addition to charging.
Torras mini 20W PD fast charging charger has rounded corners, so it doesn’t hurt to use. The input side is a cut-out design, with a fixed pin, charging more stable. The charger supports PD3.0 fast charging protocol and has two fixed voltage levels of 5V3A and 9V2.22A, which can meet the daily full-speed fast charging needs of iPhone 8 or above. Through the assmbly process, we learned that the charger not only uses the internal U-shaped structure design, but also uses the PI highly integrated master chip SC1548C.
In terms of charging performance, the Samsung S10+ uses a USB-C interface that supports PD, QC, and AFC fast charging protocols, which is widely compatible and very selective when picking charging accessories, which is very convenient. After a full charging test, it was found that the Samsung S10+ was charging with either a PD charger or a QC or AFC charger, and its maximum power was around 15W, and it took nearly two hours to charge the whole thing. The charging power is not high inside the fast-charging phone, which is a large part of the reason or from the Note 7 incident, but the recent rumors that Samsung will follow through the system update to let S10 + support 25W fast charging, I will continue to follow up the review, welcome to continue to pay attention.
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