Recommended iPhone14 Protective Cases in 2023

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According to the classification, the mainstream well-known brands in the market are covered. The article is relatively long, and there are too many mobile phone case brands.

Classification of mobile phone cases in this article:

1. Anti-drop mobile phone case 

2. Thin and light mobile phone case
3. Transparent mobile phone case Support MagSafe

1. Anti-drop mobile phone case

Screening principle: In the Chinese market, brands, word-of-mouth, and sales are relatively good, and a few models are selected for recommendation.

At the beginning, let me talk about what is the military standard. As shown in the figure below, if you pass this standard test, you can mark 1.22 meters of drop resistance. Most products use this standard as the threshold of drop resistance. Of course, the standard test cannot cover all usage situations. , When choosing a product, you must combine your own usage scenarios and product design.

U.S. Military Standard, MIL-STD-810G 516.6, specifies the methodology where devices undergo 26 drop tests on every face (sides), corners, and edges. Spanning 5 different test units, this evaluation consists of 8 drops on the corners, 12 on the edges, and 6 on the faces. Drop from 1.22 meter height.

Super drop resistant Pugle and Tech21

For those who are frequently outdoors or require enhanced drop protection for their devices, PureGear (often referred to as Pugel) and Tech21 are excellent choices. PureGear originates from the US, while Tech21 is a UK brand.

Pugel undergoes rigorous testing where it’s dropped face-down, which is the most common angle resulting in screen damage, from a height of 5 meters onto a flat surface. Impressively, it can withstand such a height. To date, it’s the most durable phone protector I’ve encountered. Its unique drop-proof design stands out.

For those with a Pro model device, the phone case designed by this brand allows the Pro model to lie completely flat, a feature that’s hard to find in the market.

puregear protective iphone 14 case

From the perspective of design styles, it has organic armor, plants, cute pets and transparent series.

puregear protective iphone 14 case lovely series

The classic model of Tech21 is its ordinary transparent model, which is 3.6 meters anti-drop, and the link and transparent magnetic suction model is 4.9 meters anti-drop. Tech21 also has a 6-meter anti-drop outdoor model, which will be mentioned in Chapter 5.

tech 21 protective iphone case

The famous UAG

From the United States, the anti-fall brand has been innovative in the past few years, and its brand and sales in the Chinese market have been good.

uag protective iphone 14 case

UAG’s most drop-resistant is its noble series, which can achieve 2.4-meter drop resistance.

uag nobel series protective case

Other series include Meteorite, Expedition, Kevlar and transparent crystal series, and the height of anti-fall is standard 1.22 meters.

uag other series protective case iphone 14 1

Those who like its style can buy it with confidence, and there will be no problems.

Art Fan’s SwitchEasy, very nice looking and quite reliable function:

switcheasy series protective iphone case

Official PartnerOtterBox

OtterBox is famous for its color matching, Apple’s official partner, and has a very good sense of trendy design. On the basis of anti-fall, fashion and appearance are the main theme of its home, and the design and color matching are really amazing. It has several series, the daily commuter series, the outdoor Defender series, and the Symphony Geometry series for high-value appearance.

otterbox iphone case

Spigen is super cost-effective

Spigen is from South Korea. Its anti-fall standard is 1.22 meters. There is little publicity in China. It does a good job on Amazon. Like the following Incipio, it is a well-known international brand. recommended.

spigen is a korean brand for iphone case11

Spigen’s flagship is the transparent model, which is completely transparent and has a pink and black frame.

spigen iphone 14 case

Incipio with double-layer drop-proof design

Incipio is an old manufacturer of electronic peripherals in the United States. It was established in 1999 and has not entered the Chinese market for a long time. Its design is very distinctive and has its own very obvious design concept. The most recommended is its double-layer mobile phone case. Apart from falling, disassembly is very simple.

incipio iphone case

PITAKA’s all-inclusive phone case

If you like the feel of Kevlar material and also want to be anti-fall, PITAKA has released a full bag, which has been certified as anti-fall, only Pro and Pro Max models, those who like black rough grain can try it.

pitaka iphone case1 1

Stunning (Defense)

Chinese brand, this is a mobile phone case with online appearance, stylish design, and good drop resistance. The company has been focusing on drop resistance since 2006. It has passed the drop test at a height of 3 meters. The design can be used by both boys and girls. Used, it has been doing well in foreign markets, and after returning to China, sales have grown rapidly. The most recommended is its Shield series, which has good drop resistance and elegant design.

This year, in addition to the traditional interstellar and aurora color schemes, a new “turquoise” color scheme is launched, which looks good.

stunning defense iphone protective case

2. Thin and light mobile phone case

PITAKA, the main Kevlar material

The Kevlar material is ultra-thin, high-strength, high-toughness, durable, and does not fade when used. It is almost bare-bones when put on a mobile phone case. It supports MagSafe; it is anti-fingerprint, anti-sweat (fast heat dissipation), anti-skid, and currently has 600D (fine texture), 1500D (coarse texture) is on the market, PITAKA is a domestic company, the earliest to make Kevlar materials, and the product line is also the most abundant. Its product innovation has always been at the forefront.

For the 14 ProMax model, the mobile phone is heavy, and those who are looking for a bare metal feel are strongly recommended. Its half-package model is strongly recommended; the entire iPhone 14 series supports MagSafe, and there is also a drop-proof full-package model that has obtained a drop-proof certification. For details,you could check in related selling platform.

pitaka iphone 14 case

Apple-authorized Maimaimi

Maimaimi is an Apple authorized brand with guaranteed quality. Its main style is light and thin, with a sense of originality, which is very distinctive.

Thickness is only 0.3mm

maimaimi protective case iphone 14

3. Transparent phone case

If you have a budget, I still recommend Apple’s transparent mobile phone case, except that it is not very drop-proof, there is nothing else to choose.

Pure Transparent Shell of Turas

Apple’s mobile phone color matching is the top in the industry. In order to show the original color, many users like to use transparent mobile phone cases, but the most troublesome thing about transparent mobile phone cases is that they will turn yellow and stick to fingerprints after a period of use. Yellowing and anti-fingerprint treatment, as well as a 12-month warranty, this product is highly recognized by customers.

turas transparent iphone case

SwitchEasy’s classic transparent anti-drop model

In addition to the 1.2-meter military-standard fall resistance, a protective film is also provided at present, which is very cost-effective, and a magnetic suction model is also available.

switcheasy airbarrier iphone case

Incipio Drop Resistant Transparent, 4.2m

It supports magnetic suction and has a non-slip design around it.

incipio megasafe iphone case

4. Support MagSafe

MagSafe has been supported since iPhone 12. For the background knowledge of MagSafe, etc., if you are interested, you can check from some sources.

Support MagSafe. Those who have Made For MagSafe certification and those who have not obtained MFM certification. The budget is enough. It is recommended to get certified. Apple has a set of certifications. The following lists are all MFM certified.

There is definitely no problem with Apple’s own. Except for the price and the general drop resistance level, everything else is pretty good, especially there are almost no third parties who get MFM in the transparent case.

The iPhone 14 series has not been seen by third parties who have obtained MFM. Those who care can only choose Apple’s own. Apple’s certification control for MFM seems to be less strict than MFi before. Third-party magnets currently do not affect actual use. About I have made a summary of the selection of magnetic mobile phone cases.

Some manufacturers have made innovations on the basis of magnetic coils. “Turas” has an innovation of magnetic suction + bracket + anti-dropping . The creative design of the magnetic suction ring changes to the bracket in seconds. The angle of the bracket can be adjusted to a large extent. It is an entertainment artifact for life. , an efficient helper for work, the bracket is closed and the back panel of the mobile phone case fits very well, which makes people feel “no sense”, the overall texture is very comfortable to touch, the color matching does not pick the color of the mobile phone, and it also has a certain anti-drop design.

Recommended for black phones and business people.

turas megasafe phone case

Five, with design innovation

In addition to various conventional mobile phone cases, some manufacturers will make some innovative designs for mobile phone cases. I pay more attention to innovative designs that are more practical. Among them, the SwitchEasy with a lanyard, the Tech21 with a back clip design, and Huahu from Japan (leather, lanyard, insert card, can also be used as a stand).

phone case with hole

Huahu has a mobile phone case with a leather feel. It can have a lanyard, insert a card, and can also be used as a stand. This design is really amazing, and there are as many as 15 kinds of colors.

leather iphone cases

Six, women’s style

My wife’s favorites are Casetify, Kate Spade, and RICHMOND & FINCH from Sweden. These mobile phone cases have been used for many years, and I have recently used SwitchEasy, and I can’t put it down.

Light luxury brand Kate Spade

Kate Spade is from New York. Its transparent design is too strong. For those who find it boring to use transparent shells, its shell decoration will not disappoint you. The “small diamond” in each flower is its design highlight.

katespade iphone case

Casetify in Hong Kong

From the picture above, you can see its design ability, which can be said to be the top fashion model in the world, with a lot of styles.

casetify hk iphone case
casetify ihpone case

RICHMOND & FINCH from Sweden , in addition to anti-fall and 360-degree protection, it emphasizes light luxury art style , European trendy style, the design is really amazing, and it is very popular among women.

sweden ihpone case

For more phone cases with style for women, you could check with me.

Seven, liquid silicone

The budget is sufficient, and the most recommended is the original Apple product, both in workmanship and materials, which are at the ceiling level in the industry.

American W&P

fluid sliicone iphone case 1

8. Summary of mobile phone case questions and answers

Regarding the selection of mobile phone cases, although I feel that I have written a lot before, there are still many questions when I choose the specific ones. I have summarized my questions and answers that I think are worth sorting out. The purpose is to supplement the information not covered in this article.

  • What kind of Apple anti-fall mobile phone case has silicone or similar feel, and the price is not higher than the official original?

Apple’s official mobile phone case is too expensive. What type of mobile phone case is better to buy? Is it the official silicone?

  • Is there any mobile phone case that can replace Apple’s official case?

The phone case is mainly discussed from the aspects of skin-friendly, silicone feel, and protection that is not inferior to daily anti-collision.Is there any mobile phone case that can replace Apple’s official case?

  • What are some thin and high-end mobile phone cases?

What are some thin and high-end mobile phone cases?

  • What are the recommendations for thin and drop-resistant mobile phone cases?

What are the recommendations for thin and drop-resistant mobile phone cases?

  • Ladies choose a mobile phone case, what recommendations do you have? Mainly from the aesthetic point of view

What are some cell phone cases that are especially suitable for girls?

  • How to choose a mobile phone case for a man as a gift?

What kind of iPhone cases do you guys nomrally use?


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