Crafting Connections: The Rise of Custom USB Cables

Explore the world of bespoke tech with custom USB cables, tailor-made to meet unique requirements. From design flair to functional enhancements, discover how these personalized connectors are revolutionizing the way we sync and charge our devices.                      Perfect for those who desire a touch of individuality in a digital age.

custom usb cable

What are the USB cable testing standards?

USB Cable Quality Assurance: A Comprehensive Overview

In today’s digital age, the USB cable has become an essential accessory, playing a critical role in connecting a vast array of devices. Given its importance, ensuring the quality and reliability of these cables is paramount. At the heart of this commitment to excellence is a meticulous inspection process that every USB cable undergoes before reaching the end-user.

Before shipment, each USB cable is rigorously examined by a dedicated quality inspection department. This isn’t a mere cursory look-over; the inspection process is rooted in industry standards designed to ascertain the highest levels of performance and reliability.

  1. Mechanical Properties: This phase evaluates the cable’s physical robustness, ensuring it can withstand regular wear and tear, bending, and other stresses it might encounter in everyday use.

  2. Aging Test: Over time, materials can degrade. The aging test simulates prolonged use conditions to ensure the cable remains functional and safe even after extended periods of use.

  3. Appearance Inspection: Beyond functionality, the cable must be free from any visual defects or inconsistencies. This step ensures that each cable maintains a professional and pristine appearance, reflecting its quality.

  4. Structural Dimensions: It’s crucial that USB cables conform to specific dimensions, ensuring they fit seamlessly with devices. This aspect of the testing ensures compatibility across a wide range of devices.

  5. Wire Inspection: The internal wiring of the cable is inspected for continuity, ensuring there are no breaks or weak points that could affect performance.

  6. Electrical Performance: Perhaps the most crucial test, this evaluates the cable’s core functionality. The cable must reliably transmit data and power, ensuring fast charge times and data transfer speeds.

In conclusion, USB cable testing is not just a procedural step but a commitment to delivering a product that consumers can trust. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, the need for reliable connectivity solutions like USB cables becomes even more critical. Thus, these rigorous testing protocols ensure that every cable not only meets but exceeds the expectations of users.

Contact resist Using a milliohmmeter to test the contact resistance of the plugs at both ends of the data power cord, the value tested is required to be less than 30mohm. milliohm meter
Plugging force Use a tensiometer to measure the pull-out force of the data power cord, the minimum can not be less than 10N, plug and unplug 5 times, take the average of 5 times. Tensiometer
Plugging Life Manually plug the two ends of the data cable power cord and the applicable socket for mating and inserting respectively.
Continuously plug and unplug more than 50 times, after the test, the terminal can not have deformation, data line power cable
Function normally, then test the contact resistance again, the detected value is less than 30mohm
Lift weight test One end of the data power cable is fixed, and the other end is suspended from a 3kg weight, and the vertical suspension lasts for 1 minute, requiring no breakage of the wire, no damage to the outer being, and no loosening of the plug terminal, to test the normal function of the data power cable. Weights
Drop Test The data power cable is placed at a height of 1 meter, the plug part of both ends of the wire, from the front and side, was dropped on the concrete floor, dropped 10 times, the plug is not broken, no loose wires, the data cable function is normal. Floor
Full-load aging One end of the data power cable is connected to the charger, and the other end is connected to the 2.0A load, and the charger works normally for 4 hours, and the data cable is not hot, with a line temperature of ≤40°C. Charger, Electronic loads
High Temp test The data cable is placed in a 40°C±2°C low-temperature test chamber for 8 hours and then recovered under normal climate conditions for 2 hours, with no abnormal appearance and no corrosion of the data cable plug to meet the electrical performance requirements. Thermostats
Low Temp test The data cable is placed in a -20°C±2°C low-temperature test chamber for 8 hours, and then recovered under normal climate conditions for 2 hours, with no abnormal appearance and no corrosion of the data cable plug to meet the electrical performance requirements. Thermostats
Plug Outer Shell No shrinkage, burrs, scratches, buckle position and shell bonding, good bonding, seam ≤ 0.5mm, no loosening, cracking, etc. Visual inspection, calipers
Connector Metal Part Exposed metal parts are not allowed to have rust and corrosion, poor plating; PIN pins are not deformed, warped, etc. Visual Inspection
Cable length and Diameter Using a straightedge and caliper to measure the length and diameter of the wire respectively, the measurement should meet the requirements of the drawings, the company’s requirements for the data line is L± 20mm, O.D. ± 0.10mm outside diameter. Straight ruler
Plug Connect The power cable should be connected with accessory and should not be difficult to insert or difficult to remove, the elasticity is appropriate. Connection devices
Outer Jacket Check that the outer jacket is clearly printed, the content is in line with the requirements of the drawings, peel off the wire with a pair of pliers, and measure data cable thickness > 050mm to confirm that the material should be PVC, PVC burning identification
method: ignite with fire, difficult to burn, away from the fire mouth extinguished, the flame is yellow (green)
Irritating odor, melting oil does not drip
Scissors, calipers, fire source
Inner Core Remove the outside of the wire to confirm whether the internal cores meet the requirements, the company design requirements data
Wire amount line type specifications, power line for red and black 22AWG, a signal line for green and white 28AWG.
The wire diameter and cross-sectional area of the core wire are measured, and all dimensions should be in accordance with the
Specification standards, confirm the material of the wire core, the requirement for copper or tinned copper
Shielding The data cable requires the configuration of aluminum foil and braided wire, using a multimeter to test both ends of the wire shield, requiring good conductivity and reliable grounding. Multimeter
Connect to Power Connect one end of the data power cable to the charger and the other end to the applicable machine, turn on the power, and the machine should charge normally. Power Charger
Data Transfer Connect one end of the data power cable to the computer and the other end to the applicable machine. The computer can recognize the machine disk and transfer the test file from the machine disk to the computer, and the data transfer is normal. Computer
Cable appearance The wire body is free of dirt, blistering, shrinkage, scratches, deformation, exposed copper, etc. Visual Inspection
Packing The wire is tied with a tie and transferred into a PE bag with complete packaging, which can protect the wire during transportation and storage. Visual Inspection
Plug Size Use calipers to measure the overall dimensions of the plug, pin size, all dimensions are
USBA plug key control size: width
12.00+010mm height 4.50+010mm.
Custom made USB Cable

Customized USB Cables by Goowell: Your Ultimate Cable Factory and Supplier

As an industry-leading USB cable manufacturer, Goowell understands the intricacies of crafting bespoke USB wires tailored to individual needs. Our specialization lies in not just manufacturing, but also in catering to custom requirements as demanded by our clients.

Design your unique USB cable with Goowell. Our comprehensive ‘Design-Your-Own’ approach lets you decide every aspect of your cable – from the outer jacket material, current and voltage specifications, connector types, colors, to the strain relief components. Every feature is handpicked by you.

Once your design is finalized, Goowell ensures meticulous craftsmanship. Every cable undergoes rigorous testing for conductivity and precise size measurements to guarantee it aligns with your stipulated standards.

If you need additional details or have specific queries, Goowell’s dedicated support team is always on standby, ready to enhance your experience and facilitate seamless communication.

A Comprehensive Guide: 5 Essential Steps for Your Customized USB Cable Order


At Goowell, we pride ourselves on maintaining rigorous standards for all our cable assemblies, ensuring they’re consistently RoHS and REACH compliant. Each custom-made cable undergoes a plethora of tests, such as conductivity, bending resilience, torque, salt spray resistance, pull-out strength, and more, to ensure unmatched quality.

For your peace of mind, we also offer sample cables before finalizing mass production orders. Additionally, any sample costs incurred can be credited back upon confirmation of your bulk order.

1) Determine Connector Types:
Every cable has two ends. Detail the connector types you require for each end – be it USB A, USB B, Mini B, Micro B, USB C, or others. You can also opt for specific terminals and housings from brands like JST and Molex.

2) Specify Cable Material:
Detail your preferred cable specifications. This includes the cable standard (typically UL), wire gauge, outer diameter, number of inner cores, outer jacket material, and plastic hardness degree.

3) Choose Cable Length:
Usually, the cable length is calculated excluding the connectors at both ends, but with a certain tolerance. Remember, excessively long cables can affect functionality. We at Goowell will consult with you to ensure optimal lengths.

4) Decide on Additional Features:
Should you require signal shielding to prevent unwanted noise or interference, consider incorporating a magnetic ring. If the cable undergoes frequent movement or cutting, consider adding a strain relief (SR) of an appropriate size to enhance durability.

5) Personalize Packaging and Branding:
By default, shorter cables are packed 100 per PE bag, while longer ones are individually packed in OPP bags to optimize freight costs. However, you can request custom packaging options and laser-printed logos. If you choose this option, please provide us with the necessary artwork and specifications.

In conclusion, with Goowell, you’re not just getting a cable; you’re securing a commitment to quality that meets and exceeds North American standards, including U.S. and Canada regulations. Make the right choice with Goowell – where customization meets excellence.

Innovative Custom USB Cables Ready in 24 Hours

Imagine getting a meticulously crafted, tailor-made USB cable designed exclusively for your needs, and that too within a mere 24 hours! At our facility, that’s precisely the service we promise and deliver.

Understanding the importance of distinctiveness and precision, especially when it comes to technology, we dive deep into the specific requirements of every order. Whether it’s for an innovative project or a specialized task, we ensure our custom USB cables are not just functional but also a reflection of our client’s unique vision.

We recognize that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t always cut it. That’s why, beyond just custom lengths, we offer an array of customization options. From diverse sleeving choices that can encapsulate your cables for protection or aesthetics, to different gauge wires ensuring optimal electrical insulation, we have it all. If you’re looking for something more robust, perhaps consider our spiral wrap option which provides added durability.

But it doesn’t stop at mere customization. The essence lies in the materials we employ. We meticulously select materials that not only enhance the durability and functionality of the cables but also echo our commitment to quality.

When you share your preferred insulation type or any other specific feature, our expert team gets to work immediately, ensuring your vision is turned into a tangible product, ready for use, within the stipulated 24 hours.

Join us on this journey of innovation, where your needs take center stage, and we ensure that every custom USB cable is not just a tool but a testament to our shared passion for excellence.

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What we need for your custom cable

The text message or drawing you sent must include the following 8 aspects

Custom Cable Length

#1 Cable Length

USB cables come in all different lengths, so you’ll be able to find one that’s right for your needs. For example, 10 feet are useful if the device requires an extension cable while 6 inches may work better as a portable option instead!

Cable Current

#2 Cable Output

Cable output is calculated as current multiplied by voltage. You need to tell us what current you need cable to transfer, or which devices you are going to use. Normally it’s 1A, 2A, 3A or 5A, up to 100W output to support fast charge. 

connector style

#3 Connector Style

Choose the connector style for each tip, like USB A Male/Female, USB B Male/Female, Micro, Type C, Lightning, HDMI, VGA, Display Port, RCA Connectors, Thunderbolt 3 and many more. 

cable outer jacket

#4 Outer Jacket Materia

if you need eco-friendly, then TPE, if need cable to be durable, then use Nylon Braid or Fabric Woven,if need hand feel smooth, then Silicone,
If need cheap price, then please choose PVC, it depends on your actual needs. 

custom make USB cable

#5 Connector Injection Type

Plastic overmould actually is the strongest protection for connectors; Or choose  ABS Shell Metal Shell to make the connnector look nicer and could lazer print your logo.

Inner Core of USB Cable

#6 Inner Core Construction

Depending on USB 2.0 or USB 3.0/3.1 or other protocol, the data speed varies and inner cores will be increased too. Just tell us the data you want with the final outer diameter to see if we could meet. 

Keychain USB Charge Cable

#7 OEM Logo

Your logo is the face of your company and needs to be seen. Laser printing your USB cables are a great way for customers in search of one specific brand or type.  Plus, to easily identify what they’re looking at. So please see if you need us to add your logo. 

MFi Certified Lightning Cable

#8 Cable Final Packaging

We’re here to help you find the perfect packing for your needs. Normally each cable will be wrapped by a plastic string or cardboard. If you need to save freight, then put 50pcs or 100pcs cables in a polybag. Or individual carton box or retail. 

USB 3.0 AM to AF Extension Cable with Nut

USB Cable
USB Cable

Product Name: USB 3.0 AM to AF Extension Cable with Nut

Wire Gauge: 24+28AWG OD: 6.0mm

Blue Color with PE inner moulding and PVC outer jacket

Length: 0.6m – 3.0 m(45g-152g)

Application for: It can be used to extend a USB3.0 standard A-type female port from the device end, and fix it on the panel with screws to facilitate the plugging and unplugging of peripheral devices when the USB3.0 female port is required for long-term fixed use.

In order to meet with the connecting cable DIY(Do It Yourself) market trend, wee developed this USB3.0 extension cable, which could be mounted and fixed on the panels, and we used regular M3 standard-sized nut for your convenience.

The cable itself meet with USB3.0 industry standard, 9 cores tinned copper conductor with multi-layered signal shielding to ensure more stable and effective signal transfer; connectors are high-quality metal material with Nickle plated workmanship to improve the anti-oxidation feature, gold plated for 3u thickness on the inserts of connectors make sure longer plug and unplug life and smaller resistance.

All cables are 100% tested for electricity functions with high-speed data transfer, make sure reliable quality to each customer.

Diverse USB Connectivity Solutions

personalized USB cable
Audio Cable
  1. USB 2.0 Connectivity Options: Whether you need to connect different devices or enhance existing setups, our USB 2.0 cables offer versatile solutions, adaptable to various USB connector types.

  2. Advanced USB 3.0 Cables: Experience faster and more efficient connections with our USB 3.0 cables, designed to cater to a wide range of USB connector variations.

  3. USB C Solutions: Our USB C cables offer a comprehensive range, ensuring seamless connectivity to any terminal, housing, or specialized connectors.

Broad Applications for All Your Needs:

  • Extension Solutions: Amplify your workspace or entertainment setup with our high-quality extension cables.

  • Printer Connectivity: Ensure fast and reliable connections to your printing devices with our specialized printer cables.

  • Charging Essentials: From phones to tablets, our charger cables are designed for efficient power delivery.

  • Gaming Enhancement: Optimize your gaming experience with dedicated cables ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.

  • Data Transmission: Experience rapid and secure data transfers with our specialized transmission cables.

  • Hard Disk Connections: Connect external storage effortlessly with our hard disk dedicated cables.

  • Mouse and Peripheral Connectivity: Ensure smooth device interactions with our mouse and peripheral cables.

  • Device Integration: From common gadgets to intricate electric devices, our cables ensure seamless integration.

  • PCB Connectivity: Ensure reliable connections between PCB boards with our specialized connecting cables.

For a world ever more dependent on seamless connectivity, trust our range of USB solutions to keep you plugged in.

And now there is a popular custom made USB gift,

Your USB gift represents more than just a mere accessory; it embodies the thought, care, and emotion you invest into it. Whether it’s a heartfelt present for a friend or a tailored corporate gift, its uniqueness is what sets it apart. Dive into our diverse array of designs available in stock, and begin crafting a cable that’s truly yours.

Our user-friendly online platform boasts a rich collection of royalty-free images to elevate your customization process. Need assistance or inspiration? Engage with our design team in real-time via live chat before you finalize your order.

Goowell’s expertise stretches beyond the ordinary. We pride ourselves on bringing any concept to life, ensuring every cable complements your devices perfectly.

Explore a world of bespoke USB solutions with Goowell.

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