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Wire Harness Production Factory Abilities

Goowell could make a customized wiring harness in whichever style you need. Here is normally no limitations with our production abilities.

Goowell manufactures your wiring harnesses subject to your company’s finished styles and designs, or Goowell’s engineering Team Members are able to convert your company’s ideas or draft drawings into totally practical wiring harnesses which match your specific demands.

Wire harness

Multiple Conductor Wiring Harness

A multi-conductor cord is known as wiring composed of various conductors with an insulation shield.
This sort of cable is applied in communicating with techniques, data transmitting} solutions, the audio software with high-voltage power transmitting.
Multi-conductor cables offer dependable, Excellent performance data and power transmitting output abilities.

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Goowell manufactures a wide range of custom coaxial cable assemblies.

Goowell produces a wide range of custom-made coaxial wiring harnesses. BNC, SMA, SMB, TNC, Thunderbolt 3, and all other RF wiring harnesses. Our cable assemblies are flexible, low loss, half-stiff and compliant.

Whichever qty of material can be used to manage our wires harnesses. These can also be designed through connectors as the way you like, with adjustments including right-angled or left-angled connections.

Goowell is an ISO 9001:2015 qualified supplier focusing on manufacture simple and complicated methods for buyers in transportation, military services, marine, and industrial purposes.

Advantages of coaxial cable assembly consist of:

Quick Speed Data Transmission abilities:  Coaxial cables offer faster transferability than other cables like twisted pair cables. It indicates to an easy transmitting of many data types, among that are data, voice, and videos.

Works with different places: The versatile frequency range of coaxial cables adjust for broadband Production capacity features.

Little fault rate: Low obstruction (regularly one of every 1 billion bits for each second [bps]) enhances execution for maximum speed and quality.

In case you are uncertain about the exact cable you choose to use, or if you have a connector/assembly that you are unfamiliar with and need to replicate, please contact us and we can assist to design the coaxial cable assemblies or choose the desired connector.

Multi-conductor cables offer dependable, Excellent performance data and power transmitting output abilities.

Wire Harness

Battery Cable Wiring Harnesses

Goowell produces a full selection of your battery cable wiring harnesses with sizes from small to big to 4/0 AWG that’s specially manufactured to feature the toughest circumstances

Your Battery Wire Assemblies is essentially made to help small-size enterprises using their requirement of numerous assembly needs of multiple joins through plastic covered insulations.

Our factory deals with huge items of manufacturing of Pre-Tinned  Cables turn to Begin Cabling with surface strips choices. Battery Wire Assemblies are the best option for Maritime quality battery, automobile battery cabling, inverter wiring harnesses and UAV Drones battery cable, and much more.

The company’s battery wire assembly is made for a number of industrial sectors similar to healthcare, automobile, martial, maritime producing, and so on E-mail us for your chosen battery wire assemblies requirements and we’re right here to assist you.

Flat Ribbon Cable

Ribbon Cable Assembly

#2651 Flat Ribbon Wire

Pin counting starts from 2 pins to 64pins.

Wire Gauge(UL standard)

26# 7/0.16 OD:1.05mm Pitch 2.54 2P-40P

26# 7/0.16 OD:1.05mm Pitch 2.00 2P-50P

28# 7/0.12 OD:0.9mm Pitch 1.27 2P-64P

28# 7/0.127 OD:0.9mm Pitch 1.27 2P-64P

Normally, these assemblies are used as interconnections for inner add-ons.

Be able to be folded up onto a customized design where space limitations are tight.

Medical wire harness

Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies for Medical Devices

Professional medical wiring assembly along with medical cable harness are classified as manufactured and made to fulfill your rigid supplies of this marketplace, Medical wire connections with cable assemblies should be manufactured with accepted elements (cables, connectors, terminals, etc.) and match the high-end standards of clinical equipment order requirements.

Jumper Wire

Jumper Wire Manufacturer

Easy wiring starting from the place to a new place.

Perfect for jumper connection starting between board to board.

Working with terminal, switch, and little pin with different number connectors.

Wire Harness Conception

What is a wiring harness?

A wiring harness is a combination of cables or wires that uses low-priced materials and includes its own elements in an organized and happy manner. A wire harness will usually be made with a sheathing material, such as thermoplastic, that provides some safeguards against the wires and cables inside it, but to a greater extent, these components will have their own defensive sheathing that minimizes the requirement for additional protective measures.

What is a wiring harness used for?

Wire harnesses address two important issues within electrical systems – geometric constraints and power requirements. Wire harnesses can help you provide physical assistance to cables and wires in a very precise space, in an organized, and protected pattern. Wire harnesses are chosen in many different applications starting with aircraft engines for commercial and residential electrical wiring. Wire harnesses provide a low-cost solution to organizing and defending a specific set of cables and wires within an organism.

The customized wiring harnesses concepts can contain:

Wide variety of wire dimensions or wire gauges

Whichever qty of wiring

Different outbreaks positioned anyplace within the assemblies

Any kind of produce connections

Each custom-made wiring harnesses is electronically examined to make sure appropriate functioning.

Cable with led light

1)UL 1007 18awg.

2)one end crimp terminal and insert housing.

3)splice neon led light. 4)RoHS.

High-quality led connector cable from JST for RC hobby.

Shenzhen Goowell electronic co., ltd. Is a high-tech company specialized in the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of all kinds of aeromodelling, model car, robot, and toy connecting wires and aeromodelling accessories.

1: Product details.

1)length and color are based on customer requests. 2)quoting according to the customer or our engineering drawings.

3)we can supply a wide range of cables based on customer specifications.


1.gift waterproof bags.

2.outer packing: carton box.

3. Another packing requirement according to the client’s request.

3: approved certification. 1)certification: ccc,CE,RoHS. 4: our advantage.

1)20 years of manufacturing experience.

2)specialized in electric/electrical appliances,lighting,construction,home appliances. 3)customer wire cable. 4)stock available, free sample. 5)s*mall profits, quick returns.

6)high quality and competitive price.

7)convenient transportation (one hour drive to Shenzhen port) )and timely delivery. 

We’ll provide you with more discount when your order exceeds usd1000.

Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Testing Machines

Plug and unplug testing machine

Plug In and Off Testing Macine

anti-age testing machine

Anti-age Testing Machine for Life

Lazer Printing Machine

Logo Lazer Printing Machine

Salt and frost test machine

Salt & Frost Test Machine

Swing and Bending Test Machine

Swing and Beding Test Machine

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