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Diving deep into our roots, Goowell stands tall as an industry pioneer among top wire harness manufacturers. Over the decades, we’ve achieved milestones that have set the tone for excellence and innovation in wire harness solutions. Our journey began with a singular vision: to provide reliable, tailored, and high-quality wire harness solutions for varied industries.

Every wire harness we create is the culmination of extensive research, technological advancements, and our commitment to perfection. Our state-of-the-art facilities, housed with cutting-edge technology, ensures precision and consistency in every product. But beyond the machinery, it’s our skilled workforce of engineers, technicians, and craftsmen who bring the vision to life. Their in-depth knowledge, combined with our technological prowess, is what positions us prominently as an eminent wire harness assembly manufacturer.

Our ethos is rooted in continuous improvement, adapting to the ever-evolving demands of industries, and ensuring that we’re not just manufacturers, but partners in our clients’ success stories. The trust placed in us by countless businesses globally isn’t just because of our products; it’s the result of transparent communication, ethical business practices, and our undying dedication to excellence.

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Wire Harness Production Factory Specialties

At the heart of Goowell’s success is our diverse range of specialties, each curated to meet specific industry demands:

  • Custom Wire Harness Manufacturing: In a world where one-size-fits-all is a common mantra, we break the mold. Every industry, every client, and every device has unique requirements. Our custom wire harness solutions are crafted after thorough consultation, ensuring each wire harness is tailored perfectly to its intended application. From the choice of materials to the intricacies of design, we consider every detail.

  • Automotive & Car Wire Harness: The automotive industry is one marked by precision and high standards. As recognized automotive and car wire harness manufacturers, our products are meticulously designed to uphold these benchmarks. With vehicles becoming smarter and more connected, the demand for reliable wire harnesses has skyrocketed. We rise to the occasion, ensuring our products power the future of mobility.

  • Marine Wire Harness: The challenges of marine environments—saltwater, pressure, and constant motion—demand wire harness solutions of the highest caliber. Our marine wire harnesses are built to be resilient, ensuring long-lasting performance even in the harshest conditions.

  • Military Wire Harness: Defense applications come with their set of rigorous standards and expectations. Our military-grade wire harnesses prioritize safety, functionality, and durability. Entrusted by defense sectors globally, our reputation stands testament to our commitment to excellence.

Wire harness

Multiple Conductor Wiring Harness
Industries Served

The world of wire harness manufacturing isn’t limited to a single sector. Over the years, our products have found applications in a myriad of industries, testament to their versatility and our adaptability:

  • Automotive: Our automotive wire harnesses are more than just products; they’re solutions that power the vehicles of tomorrow. Whether it’s for luxury sedans, SUVs, or electric vehicles, our wire harnesses ensure seamless connectivity, powering myriad functions from audio systems to advanced driver-assistance systems.

  • Marine: Sailboats, submarines, or luxury yachts, the marine world has diverse needs. As a recognized marine wire harness manufacturer, our solutions are designed for resilience. They ensure uncompromised performance, even when faced with the challenging conditions of the seas.

  • Military: Precision, reliability, and durability are non-negotiable in defense sectors. Our wire harnesses, trusted by military agencies worldwide, are designed for extreme conditions. Whether it’s for communication equipment, vehicles, or defense machinery, our wire harnesses guarantee performance.

  • General Manufacturing: Beyond the specific industries, our expertise as a premier wire harness manufacturing company has found applications across sectors. Whether it’s for industrial machinery, consumer electronics, or bespoke projects, our custom wire harness manufacturing processes ensure that every industry finds its perfect fit.

In our journey, we’ve collaborated with the largest to the smallest of enterprises, understanding their unique challenges, and delivering solutions that surpass expectations. As the landscape of technology and industry evolves, so do we, ensuring our wire harness solutions are always a step ahead, powering the innovations of tomorrow.

Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Goowell manufactures a wide range of custom coaxial cable assemblies.

Goowell produces a wide range of custom-made coaxial wiring harnesses. BNC, SMA, SMB, TNC, Thunderbolt 3, and all other RF wiring harnesses. Our cable assemblies are flexible, low loss, half-stiff and compliant.

Whichever qty of material can be used to manage our wires harnesses. These can also be designed through connectors as the way you like, with adjustments including right-angled or left-angled connections.

Goowell is an ISO 9001:2015 qualified supplier focusing on manufacture simple and complicated methods for buyers in transportation, military services, marine, and industrial purposes.

Advantages of coaxial cable assembly consist of:

Quick Speed Data Transmission abilities:  Coaxial cables offer faster transferability than other cables like twisted pair cables. It indicates to an easy transmitting of many data types, among that are data, voice, and videos.

Works with different places: The versatile frequency range of coaxial cables adjust for broadband Production capacity features.

Little fault rate: Low obstruction (regularly one of every 1 billion bits for each second [bps]) enhances execution for maximum speed and quality.

In case you are uncertain about the exact cable you choose to use, or if you have a connector/assembly that you are unfamiliar with and need to replicate, please contact us and we can assist to design the coaxial cable assemblies or choose the desired connector.

Multi-conductor cables offer dependable, Excellent performance data and power transmitting output abilities.

Wire Harness

Goowell's Premier Battery Cable Wiring Harnesses


Goowell offers an extensive range of battery cable wiring harnesses, spanning from the tiniest sizes to as expansive as 4/0 AWG. These are meticulously designed to withstand the most demanding conditions.

Our Battery Wire Assemblies are tailor-made to support small enterprises. We understand their unique needs for versatile assembly that includes diverse connections through protective plastic insulation.

At our state-of-the-art facility, we specialize in the production of Pre-Tinned Cables, transitioned seamlessly to Start Wiring, supplemented with optional surface strip features. Our Battery Wire Assemblies stand as the preferred choice for applications like marine-grade batteries, automotive battery cabling, inverter wiring harnesses, and UAV Drone batteries, among others.

Serving various industries, Goowell’s battery wire assembly solutions cater to sectors such as healthcare, automotive, defense, marine manufacturing, and many more. Reach out to us with your specific battery wire assembly needs, and we stand committed to delivering excellence.

Flat Ribbon Cable

Understanding the #2651 Flat Ribbon Wire


Pin Count Range: This ribbon wire can accommodate a range starting from 2 pins and extending up to 64 pins.

Wire Specifications (As per UL standard):

  1. 26# Gauge – 7/0.16 with an Outer Diameter (OD) of 1.05mm. It features a 2.54 pitch for 2P to 40P.
  2. 26# Gauge – 7/0.16 with an OD of 1.05mm. This variant features a 2.00 pitch for 2P to 50P.
  3. 28# Gauge – 7/0.12 with an OD of 0.9mm. It is designed with a 1.27 pitch for 2P to 64P.
  4. 28# Gauge – 7/0.127 with an OD of 0.9mm. This type also features a 1.27 pitch for 2P to 64P.

Primary Use: These ribbon wire assemblies are typically employed as internal interconnections for various add-ons or components.

Flexibility & Design: One of the standout features of the #2651 Flat Ribbon Wire is its adaptability. It can be tailored or folded as per custom designs, especially in scenarios where available space is restricted or very limited.

Medical wire harness

Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies for Medical Devices

The medical industry, recognized for its stringent standards and precision requirements, demands unparalleled attention to detail and quality, especially when it comes to its tools and equipment. Within this sector, medical wiring assembly and medical cable harness stand out for their crucial roles.

At the heart of numerous medical devices and applications lie the medical wiring assemblies. These are not just regular wires; they are designed with extreme precision to cater to the specific needs of medical applications. Whether it’s a sophisticated imaging device or a life-saving piece of equipment, the underlying medical wiring assembly plays an indispensable part in ensuring its optimal functionality.

Similarly, the medical cable harness is another essential component. Like its wiring counterpart, the cable harness is meticulously crafted to adhere to the exacting standards of the medical sector. Such precision is a testament to the importance of these components. After all, in an industry where even the minutest error can have significant repercussions, there’s no room for oversight.

A notable characteristic of these components is the materials from which they are made. Only approved elements, be it cables, connectors, terminals, or any other associated part, find their way into the manufacturing process. This selective approach guarantees that the final product, whether a wire assembly or a cable harness, not only aligns with but often exceeds the industry’s stringent benchmarks.

Moreover, to ensure the unerring performance of clinical equipment, these assemblies and harnesses are constructed to match the upper echelon of standards outlined in clinical equipment order requirements. This commitment reflects the industry’s overarching mission: to safeguard and enhance human lives.

In conclusion, while the intricacies of medical equipment might appear overwhelming to the untrained eye, it’s clear that components like medical wiring assemblies and cable harnesses serve as the unsung heroes, underpinning the reliability and efficacy of medical devices worldwide.

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Jumper Wire

Jumper Wire Manufacturer

Simplified Wiring Solutions: Bridging Locations and Devices

In the realm of electrical and electronic setups, the ease of wiring solutions, especially when transitioning from one location to another, remains paramount. Simplifying this process ensures efficiency, minimizes errors, and speeds up installations or transitions.

One of the prime uses of these simplified wiring systems is in establishing jumper connections. Jumper connections play a pivotal role in creating short paths between different points on a circuit, especially from one board to another. These jumpers serve as a bridge, ensuring that signals or power can seamlessly transition between boards. In setups where multiple boards work in tandem to execute a function or run a system, the importance of a reliable jumper connection cannot be overstated.

Moreover, the versatility of these wiring solutions is further exemplified when working with various components such as terminals, switches, and pins. These components, though small in stature, are essential in any electrical system. Each piece, be it a terminal to ensure the end point of a conductor, a switch to control the flow of current, or a pin for securing connections, plays its part in the grand scheme of the circuitry.

The real charm, however, lies in the adaptability of these wiring solutions to connect with a diverse number of connectors. Whether it’s a simple two-pin setup or a more complex multi-pin arrangement, the wiring solutions stand up to the task, ensuring each connection is secure, reliable, and efficient.

To sum up, the essence of these straightforward wiring systems is to provide an effortless experience, whether you’re transferring wiring from one location to another, creating a jumper connection between boards, or working with an array of terminals, switches, and pins. It’s all about ensuring seamless connectivity, minimizing complexities, and enhancing overall system efficiency.

Understanding Wire Harnesses
A Comprehensive Guide


What is a Wire Harness?

A wire harness, often referred to as a wiring loom, is an assembly of cables or wires that are strategically arranged. It employs economical materials and bundles its components in a systematic, streamlined manner. While these harnesses often come sheathed in materials like thermoplastic for added protection, individual wires within the harness may already have their own insulation or protective layer. This intrinsic protective sheathing lessens the need for additional safeguards.

Applications of a Wire Harness

Wire harnesses play a pivotal role in addressing two pivotal challenges in electrical systems: geometric constraints and power needs. By providing structured support, they ensure cables and wires occupy a specified space securely and methodically. From the complexities of aircraft engines to the basics of residential electrical setups, wire harnesses are the go-to solutions. Their adaptability and economical nature make them invaluable for ensuring the organization and protection of various cables and wires in a system.

Custom wire harnesses can be tailored to include:

  • A range of wire sizes or gauges.
  • Any desired quantity of wiring.
  • Strategically placed breakouts.
  • A variety of production connections.

Every customized harness undergoes rigorous electronic testing to guarantee its functionality.

Highlighted Product: LED Connector Cable


  • Wire type: UL 1007 18awg.
  • Features: One end with a crimp terminal and inserted housing. Integrated splice neon LED light. RoHS compliant.
  • Ideal for: RC hobbyists.
  • Manufacturer: Shenzhen Goowell  – a leading name in designing and distributing a plethora of wires and accessories for aeromodelling, robotics, and toys.

Additional Product Information:

  • Customization: Length and color can be adjusted based on client requirements. Products can be manufactured according to both client and our engineering blueprints.
  • Packaging: Includes waterproof gift bags, sturdy carton boxes, and additional packaging options based on customer preferences.
  • Certifications: Recognized with CCC, CE, and RoHS certifications.

Why Choose Shenzhen Goowell Electronic Co., Ltd.?

With a legacy spanning over two decades in the manufacturing domain, we pride ourselves on our expertise. Our offerings span across electrical appliances, lighting, construction, and home appliances. Our strengths include:

  • Vast manufacturing experience.
  • A vast inventory – ensuring immediate availability and free samples.
  • Competitive pricing with a focus on providing value.
  • Proximity to the Shenzhen port, ensuring prompt deliveries.

Special Offer: Orders exceeding USD 1000 are eligible for additional discounts. Experience the Goowell difference today!

Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Testing Machines

Plug and unplug testing machine

Plug In and Off Testing Macine

anti-age testing machine

Anti-age Testing Machine for Life

Lazer Printing Machine

Logo Lazer Printing Machine

Salt and frost test machine

Salt & Frost Test Machine

Swing and Bending Test Machine

Swing and Beding Test Machine

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