Trust in Tech: Spotlight on MFi Authorized Manufacturers

Dive deep into the exclusive club of MFi authorized manufacturers, a testament to quality and reliability in the world of Apple accessories. Understand the rigorous standards and the commitment these brands uphold to ensure your devices get only the best.                          Authenticity, excellence, and innovation – that’s the MFi promise.

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4 Reasons For Choosing Us – Best MFi Certified Cable Manufacturer in China

MFi USB A to Lightning C89 Cable
Professional MFi Lightning Cable Factory in China

Expertise in Crafting MFi Certified Cables Anchored by an ISO 9001 Quality Control System, we prioritize unparalleled quality in every team member's approach. Proudly listed as an Apple MFi certified lightning cable supplier since 2019. Our Made for iPhone lightning cables are not just vibrant and robust but resonate with superior quality. We've secured the Apple Lightning Cable PPID for you, facilitating your sales on platforms like Amazon under your brand. Alternatively, our brand stands as a reliable choice too. We continually refine our MFi Cable's performance, striving to match or even outdo the genuine Apple lightning cable. Have a custom requirement? Our OEM/ODM services eagerly await your innovative ideas. Share your vision, and watch it come to life, paving the way for lucrative opportunities in Genuine Apple Lightning Cable Wholesale. Trust in us, your premier MFi Certified Cable partner from China.

MFI USB A to Lightning Carton Box
Why MFi is better?

MFi Apple: A Seal of Quality Comparable to Genuine Apple Lightning Cables Apple's Stamp of Approval: Your Assurance for Genuine Apple Lightning Cable Wholesale Goowell's suite of MFi Apple Certified Cables, Adapters, and Earpods are crafted using components and materials that match or even surpass the quality of Apple's proprietary lightning products. Spotting an MFi logo on a product isn't just a mark; it's a testament. It signifies that the product has cleared rigorous testing in Apple Inc.'s dedicated laboratories. From durability tests like bending and pullout to evaluating sound quality and safety, these products meet the highest standards. This ensures that what you plug into your iPhone or iMac not only fits seamlessly but also has a lasting lifespan. In essence, they epitomize top-tier MFi Certified Apple Products.

PD Fast Charge Lightning Cable
The Heart of the Matter: Apple's Original Lightning Connector for MFi Lightning Cables

Only those with an Authorized MFi Manufacturing License from Apple have the privilege to procure and manufacture using Apple's Certified Connectors, ensuring top-tier lightning cables and related products. You can verify this by perusing the official Apple website that lists all the certified MFi manufacturers. At Goodwell, we take this seriously. Our MFi Certified Lightning Cables utilize genuine connectors such as the C89 for USB A to Lightning Data Cable, C94 for the PD fast charge USB C to Lightning Cable, and the C100 for 3.5mm to Lightning Adapters and Earphones. This guarantees flawless compatibility with all Apple devices. Plus, no annoying pop-up warnings will interrupt your experience. Particularly for adapters and earphones, you can enjoy music and even take calls seamlessly - a feature you'd miss in non-MFi certified products. Trust in Goodwell's MFi Certified Apple Lightning Cables to keep your Apple devices synced and charged with ease. Choose genuine, choose Goodwell for your Apple Lightning Cable Wholesale needs.

A Deep Dive into MFi Lightning Cable Materials

Highlighting Goowell's impressive range of Apple accessories, let's zoom in on the structure of our PD Fast Charge C to Lightning Cable - a perfect representative of our Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cables. At its core, this cable boasts a robust configuration of four-core, three grounds, and top-grade Tinned copper wires. That's not all; it's armored with an Aluminum Shell, a braided metal mesh, and anti-pull Fiber Silk. Its exterior? Crafted with high-density TPE, ensuring resilience through thousands of bends and optimal current flow. Not to mention, our Apple MFi Certified Connector comes encased in a metal shell, effectively preventing any signal leakage. This design ensures not only rapid charging and data transfer speeds but also rivals the charging time of Apple's original cables, all the while ensuring maximum safety for your device. It's essential to note that every MFi certified lightning accessory undergoes rigorous testing in Apple-designated laboratories. Only the cream of the crop receives Apple's stamp of approval. So, why wait? Choose us for all your certified product needs. Dive into our offerings, and get the best deals in terms of pricing and lead times.

Reasons to Choose MFi Apple Certified Cable

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Why Opting for Cheap Non-Certified Lightning Cables is a Gamble

We get it. Everyone loves a good deal. And when it comes to cables that merely charge your device, why splurge? Many believe this and often lean towards cheaper, copied lightning connectors. However, the pitfalls of this choice are more profound than you might assume.

These knockoff cables don’t meet the stringent standards set by Apple for its MFi certified cables. This means they can malfunction, misalign, or at their worst, damage your precious Apple devices. Imagine your device being compromised by hackers just because you decided to save a few bucks on a cable. Sounds terrifying, right?

According to Apple Inc’s official reports, using a counterfeit lightning cable can lead to:

  • The USB and Lightning Connector malfunctioning, overheating during charging or data syncing.
  • Frequent pop-ups saying “this device isn’t supported by your iPhone/iPod/iMac,” rendering the cable useless for both charging and data transmission.
  • Potential damage to your iOS device, especially the battery.

Understanding the MFi Certification

Back in 2005, Apple rolled out its Made for iPod, iPhone, iMac (MFi) certification program. This initiative ensures that all accessories align perfectly with Apple’s proprietary connectors. Over the years, this has become a benchmark to guarantee lightning cables are crafted to the exact standards of Apple’s originals, without any compromises in quality.

In essence, MFi stands for Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod. Only MFi certified cables guarantee flawless operation with iOS devices; alternatives might leave you with a hefty repair bill.

Ensuring You Purchase a Genuine MFi Certified Lightning Cable

When buying an MFi certified lightning cable, look out for the signature packaging or a tag on each cable. As a reference, Goowell, an MFi certified manufacturer, is featured on this official list:

To guide you further, here’s a video showcasing how to verify an authorized MFi manufacturer and the authenticity of an Apple product: [Video Link].

Moreover, genuine Apple Inc. MFi certified Lightning cables should have specific text imprinted on them, such as:

  • Designed by Apple in California (indicating design origin)
  • Assembled in xxx (highlighting the manufacturing origin)
  • A unique 12 or 13-digit serial number

If these details are missing from the cable or its packaging, you’re likely looking at a counterfeit product.

Still, have reservations? Feel free to reach out. Engage with us through live chat or drop an email at:

Being an MFi certified manufacturer, our commitment is unwavering: delivering the highest quality Apple Lightning cables to our esteemed clientele.

Delijia - Your Best Manufacturer for MFi cables

The following 4 reasons for choosing us

High-Quality and Durable Apple iPhone Data Cables by Delijia

At Delijia, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier Apple iPhone data cables that stand the test of time. Crafted with meticulous care, these cables utilize superior copper wire, ensuring resilience against everyday wear and potential damage. Designed for versatility, our cables flawlessly align with every Apple iPhone model, guaranteeing your device is always charged up and ready to roll. Experience swift charging and seamless data transfer, as our cables facilitate both with unmatched efficiency. While we never compromise on quality, we understand the importance of affordability. That's why we've priced our products competitively, ensuring you get top-notch quality without denting your wallet. Every Delijia data cable you purchase is backed by a 12-month warranty, reinforcing our promise of quality and your peace of mind. Our clientele continually sings praises about our data cables' unmatched reliability and quality. They particularly laud the swift charging capabilities and our cables' enduring nature. With Delijia, you're not just purchasing a cable; you're investing in a reliable charging companion. Dive into the Delijia experience for unparalleled Apple iPhone data cables!

The Perfect Charging Solution

Are you tired of dealing with incompatible data cables that fail to charge your Apple iPhone properly? Delijia's Apple iPhone data cables are designed to work seamlessly with all Apple iPhone models, ensuring that your device is always charged and ready to go. Our data cables are made from high-quality copper wire and are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They support high-speed charging and data transfer, providing you with the convenience and efficiency that you need. We take pride in our commitment to quality and offer a 12-month warranty on all of our data cables. In addition to our commitment to quality and customer service, we also offer competitive pricing, making our data cables an affordable option for any Apple iPhone user. Our satisfied customers have raved about the quality and reliability of our data cables, and we are confident that you will feel the same way. Choose Delijia for the perfect Apple iPhone charging solution. Our compatibility guarantee, durability, high-speed charging, and affordability make our data cables the best option for any Apple iPhone user who values quality and reliability.You can enjoy a seamless charging and syncing experience, free from the unreliable data cables.

Supercharge and Sync Seamlessly

In search of a high-performing cable that efficiently powers and syncs your Apple iPhone? Dive into Delijia's range of Apple iPhone data cables. Not only do they promise rapid charging, but they also excel in swift data transfer, ensuring your files move at lightning speed and your device charges without a hitch. Experience the ease that comes with Delijia’s cables. Bid farewell to the tiresome wait of slow charging and sluggish data transfers. Constructed with premium copper wire, our cables are both resilient and enduring, ensuring you a consistent, top-tier performance. Our Apple iPhone data cables flawlessly align with all Apple iPhone iterations, ensuring your device is juiced up and operational whenever duty calls. We're rigorous in our quality control, putting each cable through stringent tests to certify they uphold the pinnacle of excellence. This way, you can trust that your device's well-being is paramount to us. For unparalleled charging and data transfer capabilities, make Delijia's Apple iPhone data cables your go-to choice. We're unwavering in our dedication to delivering unmatched quality and ensuring our customers' satisfaction. Choose Delijia and experience the difference.

Premium Apple iPhone Data Cables by Delijia at Pocket-Friendly Prices

On the hunt for a dependable Apple iPhone data cable without denting your wallet?
Delijia's Apple iPhone data cables strike the right balance between top-notch quality and affordability.
With us, premium quality is accessible, not a luxury.
Our cables, besides being budget-friendly, are built to endure.
Meticulously crafted from superior copper wire, they're resilient against potential damage and everyday wear.
We prioritize your device's longevity, offering cables that guarantee a steadfast charging and syncing experience.
Our confidence in our product's quality is echoed in our 12-month warranty, assuring you of our commitment and giving you peace of mind with every purchase.
Delijia stands on the principle that quality shouldn't be a privilege; it should be a standard.
We're dedicated to ensuring you have a reliable charging solution that won't stretch your budget.
Opt for Delijia's Apple iPhone data cables and discover that superior quality and affordability can indeed go hand in hand.

USB Data Cable Manufacturing Process

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A Comprehensive Guide to USB Cable Manufacturing

  1. Understanding USB Basics

    USB Explained – USB, an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus, represents a standardized computer port designed to link devices to computers. For instance, a USB is often the medium of choice to transfer photographs from a digital camera to a computer.

  2. Anatomy of a USB Wire Harness

    Internal Wiring – Typically, a cable contains four cores: two designated for power flow and two for data transfer. However, the USB C to USB C variety, especially those lacking an Emarker chip, may contain anywhere from 6 to a staggering 20 cores for ultra-high-speed data movement. Predominantly, these cores consist of pure copper, renowned for its excellent conductivity. Occasionally, they’re tin-coated to enhance resistance against oxidation.

    External Casing – Present-day cables predominantly feature external materials like TPE, PVC, Nylon Braided, and the newly introduced ultra-soft silicone wire.

    Connectors – The end connectors of cables predominantly employ materials like brass or what’s popularly known as zinc-alloy. These connectors often undergo nickel-plating, while the internal pins get a gold-plating for optimized insertion and removal.

  3. Steps in USB Cable Production

    Step 1: Measure and Cut the Cables.

    Step 2: Strip the Wires to reveal the internal cores, readying them for soldering.

    Step 3: Attach connectors, ranging from USB A to Micro, Lightning, USB C, and others, by soldering them to the exposed cores.

    Step 4: Inject Plastic Shells to form the Inner and Outer Molds.

    Step 5: Affix the Metal Cover to the Plastic Shell, though certain USB cables may bypass this phase if they only require a plastic injection mold.

    Step 6: Thorough Product Testing.

    Step 7: Visual Quality Inspection.

    Step 8: Organize and Bind the Wires.

    Step 9: Pack the USB Cables into their main carton, gearing them up for dispatch.

For an in-depth dive into this process, please explore our blog page.

What is MFi

FAQs: Selling MFi Data Cables

Q: If I want to sell MFi cables, will I receive a certificate or documentation for verification, in case Apple inquires?

A: Absolutely. The accredited MFi Licensee will provide an authorization letter for businesses retailing MFi Apple Lightning products.

Q: What’s the process to sell MFi Apple products?

A: Start by selecting the product you wish to sell. Then, verify with the MFi licensed manufacturer if they have the PPID. If they do, simply place your order and begin selling using the manufacturer’s PPID.

Q: Can I market MFi Products under my own brand?

A: Certainly! First, ensure you have your own brand. Next, request the MFi Licensed manufacturer to obtain a PPID specific to your brand. Once that’s in place, you can launch and sell Apple accessories under your own brand name.

USB A to Lightning Cable Nylon

Overview of Our Current Apple-Certified Lightning Products

We regularly update our product offerings to keep you informed about the latest items.

Available MFi Certified Lightning Products:

  • Lightning In-Ear Earpods
  • 20W USB C to Apple Lightning PD Fast Charging and Data Sync Cable
  • USB A to Apple Lightning Charging and Data Sync Cable
  • Lightning Male to 3.5mm Female Adapter
  • Headphone/Earpod Adapter

Materials vary from TPE, Nylon Braided to a material similar to Apple’s original. Choose based on your preference.

If you wish to sell under your brand using a PPID, we can facilitate that for you. The PPID charge is as per Apple’s rate, while we provide samples at no additional cost.

Goowell MFi Certified Lightning Cable Supplier Products

Below listed products already acquired MFi certificates, and we could make your own Apple products 

C89 USB A to Lightning Cable

MFi USB A to Lightning C89 original Chip Data Cable

MFi Certified Lightning In-Ear Style Headphone

Fi USB C to Lightning Cable

MFi USB C to Lightning PD Fast Charge Cable 

A Closer Look at USB Cable Manufacturing

USB cable and wire harness factory in Shenzhen
  • Manufacturing high-quality MFi Certified USB data cables, including USB C Data Cables and Micro Cables, requires a meticulous process in a factory setting. Ensuring quality is paramount, and this starts right from the selection of raw materials. While superior materials do drive up costs, they ensure the longevity and performance of the cable. As a result, there’s a spectrum of product prices in the market, ranging from inexpensive due to simple manufacturing processes and cheaper materials, to premium due to rigorous standards and high-quality components.

    Our Automated Manufacturing Process:

    1. Cable Cutting: Cables often come in rolls ranging from 100M to 300M. Based on the customer’s order, these are cut to desired lengths such as 1M, 2M, 1.5M, etc. using a Semi Wire Cutting Machine, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

    2. Wire Stripping: The outer layer of the cable is stripped off to expose the inner cores, without causing any damage to them. This prepares the cores for soldering. Our Semi Wire Stripping Machine aids in this process, making sure the stripping is neat and error-free.

    3. Core-to-Connector Soldering: Depending on the end goal – be it USB A to C or other combinations – the cores are soldered to connectors. At our facility, we utilize an Automatic Soldering Machine, but manual soldering might occasionally be required to rectify any errors.

    4. Plastic Connector Shell Injection: This step involves molding the inner and outer molds of the connectors. Some cables, especially those with TPE material, might require only one molding process. The objective of this step is to ensure durable and damage-resistant connectors.

    5. Glue Application: Aesthetic appeal is vital, and for a polished look, a metal shell is often added over the plastic one. This requires precise glue application, ensuring the metal cover remains firmly in place. Our automatic glue dispensing machine guarantees even and thorough glue distribution.

    6. Product Testing: Once assembled, the cables undergo a crucial conductivity test to confirm they can transfer data and power effectively. Any cable that fails this test is labeled as “defective” and set aside for further evaluation.

    7. Appearance Inspection: Each cable is visually examined to ensure perfection. Aspects such as connector placement, plastic injection quality, and cable cleanliness are all scrutinized.

    8. Cable Tying: Based on packaging requirements, cables might be coiled in specific shapes and tied. This is executed with precision using an automatic tie machine.

    Packaging Preferences:

    1. OPP Bags: Transparent bags either neutral or branded.
    2. Small Carton Boxes: Can be unbranded or personalized with customer details.
    3. Plastic Trays: Used for bulk orders. Cables are coiled and placed systematically in each tray compartment.

    Every cable produced in our facility undergoes this detailed process, ensuring each product matches the high standards our customers expect. Defective cables are dealt with separately, ensuring they don’t reach the market.

  • For more details, please visit here at our blog page. 

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