Mass Quantities, Max Quality: Sourcing Bulk Micro USB Cables

Discover the nuances of sourcing Micro USB cables in bulk quantities without compromising on quality.                                                                  Dive into the world of large-scale connectivity solutions, where volume meets versatility, and consistency is king.                                                    When it’s about powering up multiple devices or setting up a big project, think bulk, think best.

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Wholesale Micro USB Cable Manufacturer in China

Dive into Goowell’s extensive range of Micro USB cables, designed meticulously for swift charging and robust industrial applications. As a leading USB cable manufacturer hailing from China, our portfolio showcases exceptional versatility.

A Comprehensive Collection Tailored for You

  • From USB A to Micro, and USB C to Micro, we’ve got all your data and charging needs covered. Don’t forget our range of OTGs, curating a holistic list for all tech enthusiasts.

  • Whether it’s USB 2.0 or 3.0 you’re after, we cater to all your technological demands.

  • Our Micro USB Cables come in a spectrum of lengths to fit your specific requirements – whether you’re in search of a concise 6-inch cable, a lengthy 10ft one, or anything in between.

Certifications & Quality Assurance

Trust is built on authenticity. Our products undergo rigorous quality checks and come with certifications such as CE, FC, RoHS, and Reach – a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Pricing & Standards

At Goowell, we believe in offering choices. From budget-friendly options to our premium range, our pricing reflects the diverse quality standards, ensuring there’s a durable Micro USB cable for every pocket.

Innovative Charging Solutions

Accelerate your charging experience. Our range encompasses cables that support 1A to 3A fast charging, ensuring your devices are powered in no time.

Materials for Every Preference

Choose from a broad spectrum of materials. Whether it’s the sleekness of PU Leather, the durability of PVC, the eco-friendly TPE, the soft touch of Silicone, or the chic appeal of fabric woven designs, we’ve got a cable that matches your style.

Sample Before You Commit

We’re confident in the quality we deliver. That’s why we offer free Micro Charging Cable samples to our potential partners, allowing you to witness our excellence before initiating bulk orders.


Goowell isn’t just a manufacturer; we’re a testament to Chinese innovation and quality in the micro USB domain. Dive into a world where charging isn’t just a necessity, but an experience.

Type C/USB A to Micro B 3.1 Harddisk Data Cable

Unlock superior performance with USB 3.0 and 3.1 cables designed to meet the exacting USB3 Vision Standard. Engine Vision Compliant, these cables feature a precise spacing of 22mm for A and B Connectors and approximately 18mm for Micro B Connectors. Expertly crafted to transmit USB 3.0 data over distances up to 5 meters, they adeptly address connection distance challenges in the Machine Vision Industry.

Goowell’s customization capabilities ensure tailored solutions, making it an effortless choice for diverse requirements.

Designed for Constrained Spaces

For environments with limited space, Goowell introduces the USB 3.0 Right-Angled 90-degree Cables. Mirroring the uncompromised quality of our straight screw cables, these right-angled variants adhere to the USB3 Vision Standard.

Diverse Connector Options for Varied Requirements

  1. Cable Variants:

    • Classic cables in a timeless black finish.
    • Ultra-flexible cables in a standout violet hue, engineered for dynamic systems. This includes drag chain systems, computer automation devices, AOI, motion detection, high-end communication equipment, and more.
  2. USB Connector Molding Options:

    • 90-degree angled USB cables in every direction: right, left, up, and down.
    • Secure USB screw-lock cables.
  3. Length Customization:

    • Goowell specializes in offering custom-length USB cables, catering to the longest and shortest requirements in the industry.

In Conclusion

When it comes to top-tier USB solutions, Goowell has set the industry benchmark. From standard cables to bespoke lengths and connector types, our portfolio ensures every need is catered to with precision.

USB A to Micro 3.1 Cable

Specifications with characteristics:

1, We manufacture customized USB cable, USB3.0 cable and angulated connector with the plastic injection for your options.

2, Both ends with high-quality plugs, the surface treatment is gold plated, to ensure good contact with and 100 percent tinned copper conductor guarantee the sign interactions.

USB C to Micro 3.1 Cable

4, This Micro 3.1 data cable is mainly exported to the USA and Europe with the main use for the below-mentioned applications.

Used for: 

Mechanism Devices
Auto Visual Evaluation system=AOI
USB 3.0 Appliance
The laptop
The Network Appliances
Evaluation Assessment Equipment

Wholesale Micro USB Cable - Normal Data Cable

Goowell’s Array of Micro Charging Cables: A Fusion of Aesthetics and Performance

At Goowell, we pride ourselves on presenting a vibrant collection of micro charging cables that not only ensure rapid charging but also exemplify durability and style.

  1. Zinc Alloy Metal Spring Material USB A to Micro Charging Cable:

Experience robustness like never before.

  • Design: Spring-infused USB A to Micro Data Cable.
  • Length Options: Ranging from a compact 6 inches to an expansive 10 ft (20cm to 300cm).
  • Color Palette: Dive into shades like Grey, Black, White, Pink, and beyond.
  • Dimensions: Sporting an outer diameter of 3.5mm.
  • Wholesale Pricing: At an economical USD1.2/pcs.
  • Minimum Order: Direct your inquiries to Goowell.
  • Packaging: Standard OPP bags, sturdy carton boxes, or customizable options.
  • Personalization: Keen on branding? We offer laser printing for logos. Just share your artwork!
  • Power Output: A consistent 5V2A for a regular charging experience.
  1. TPE Material USB A to Micro Rapid Charging Cable:

Soft to touch yet impressively durable.

  • Design: Crafted using supple yet resilient TPE material.
  • Length Spectrum: Choose between a convenient 6 inches or a sprawling 10 ft (20cm to 300cm).
  • Hue Range: Shades include Grey, Black, White, Pink, and many more.
  • Diameter: A standard outer diameter of 3.5mm.
  • Power Output: Boosted charging with 5V5A.

Goowell’s curated collection of micro charging cables exemplifies the ideal blend of style, functionality, and durability. Catering to varied needs, our offerings promise an unmatched charging experience.

3)90 Degrees Dual Angle USB A to Micro Charge and Data Transfer Cable

Soft TPE Material with 90 Angle 1M/2M/3M or custom made the length

Cable: Game Players 90 Degree Micro Fast Charge Cable

Length: Stock is 1M, could custom length with White/Black Color

USB connector type

Durable and Stylish Design

Cable: Colorful Nylon Braided Micro USB Cable Bulk

Length: 3 Foot / 6 Foot/9 Foot or send your inquiry

Colour: 8 colors for your choice with output 5V2A

Finished Outer Diameter: 3.5mm

Packing: With Plastic Bag or Carton Box

Lazer Printing: Accept, please email the AI or CDR file

Wholesale Micro USB Cable Buying Guide

Introduction for the Micro USB Types and Usage

USB Connector Introduction

USB Cable Connector Types

Established in 1994 by seven tech giants, the USB standard aimed to simplify connections and interactions between various electronic gadgets. And it achieved just that. The diverse array of interfaces, even with varying shapes, often share a common pin definition, allowing for versatile conversions.

    • First Row (Male connectors): USB TYPE A, USB Type B, USB Mini A, USB Mini B, USB Micro A, USB Micro B.
    • Third Row (Female connectors): USB TYPE A, USB Type B, Universal USB Mini Female (compatible with both Mini A and Mini B), USB Micro A, USB Micro B.

Delving into Pins: Standard USB connectors like USB A and USB B have 4 pins. More specialized connectors, like the Mini and Micro versions, come with 5 pins.

The Evolution of Micro USB: Micro USB connectors are found in versions 2.0 and 3.0. Notably, the Micro A, which boasts a square shape, faced obsolescence due to its inconvenient design that was prone to incorrect insertions. Contrarily, the trapezoidal Micro B remains prevalent, popularly identified as the Android charger. Before the rise of Type C, Micro B was synonymous with mobile phone charging.

Micro B outpaced Mini B in popularity and ubiquity, leading to the latter’s dwindling presence. The 3.0 versions of Micro A and Micro B differ from their 2.0 counterparts. Due to the same design flaw of the 3.0 Micro A, it fell out of favor, while Micro B 3.0 found applications, especially in certain hard drives.


USB Connector Categories:

  1. By Shape:

    • Type A, B, C: Type A is omnipresent across numerous gadgets. Type B is commonly associated with printers. And the emergent Type C promises to be the future stalwart.
    • Mini A, Mini B: The downfall of Mini A can be attributed to its shape, while Mini B persists in devices like MP4 players and some older phones.
    • Micro A, Micro B: Micro B’s dominance in the Android phone market and other chargeable gadgets like Bluetooth devices and compact fans is undeniable.
  2. By Protocol: USB 2.0 and 3.0 differ chiefly in data transfer speed. Notably, their shapes for B, Micro A, and Micro B versions differ.

The Right Connector for Your Gadget: The choice of a USB connector hinges on the device in question, be it a camera, mobile phone, laptop, or any other gadget. These connectors power up the devices and facilitate data transfer.

From the classic USB A, B, C variants to the specialized Mini and Micro versions, every connector serves a purpose.

Goowell: Your Ultimate USB Cable Provider: If you’re on the hunt for any of the above-mentioned USB cables, Goowell has got you covered. As seasoned manufacturers and suppliers, we’re equipped to cater to all your USB needs.

Types of Micro USB Cables in the Wholesale Market: Are All Created Equal?

Micro USB cables come in various grades and types, each serving different purposes:

  1. Standard Charging Cables: These are the most common, used primarily for charging devices.
  2. Data Transfer Cables: These are optimized for both charging and efficient data transfer.
  3. Durable & Braided: Enhanced with a braided design or durable materials, these cater to a market that needs longevity and resistance to wear.
  4. Extended Length Cables: From 10ft to even longer, these are designed for users who need that extra reach.

Why is Micro USB Still Relevant in the Wholesale Market?

Despite the rise of newer standards, the micro USB cable maintains a robust presence. But why?

  1. Legacy Devices: Millions of devices like older smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and gaming controllers still use micro USB as their primary charging and data transfer port.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Often, products in the budget segment opt for micro USB over USB-C due to cost considerations.
  3. Versatility: From portable chargers to IoT devices, many gadgets use micro USB for its compact design and widespread acceptance.

Micro USB Drawings in PDF

At Goowell, we pride ourselves on the diverse range of Micro A/B plug cables we manufacture, each tailored to specific needs and applications. Our illustrated catalogue showcases various angles and designs, a testament to our versatility and commitment to innovation. These drawings are merely a snapshot of our capabilities and serve as an illustrative guide for potential clients.

The world of connectivity is vast, and the needs of each device and user can differ greatly. Understanding this, we’ve diversified our offerings, ensuring that whether it’s a unique angle or a specific design nuance, we have the expertise to deliver. Our advanced manufacturing process allows for precision and consistency, ensuring that every cable we produce meets our stringent quality standards.

While we’ve provided a glimpse of our range in these illustrations, the spectrum of our offerings goes beyond what’s presented. We have continually expanded our portfolio, adapting to the ever-evolving technological landscape. Whether you’re in the market for a standard Micro A/B cable or seeking a more customized solution, Goowell has the resources and expertise to cater to your needs.

Moreover, our team is always at the ready to provide further details, answer queries, or delve into specific customization options. If there’s a particular design or specification you have in mind that isn’t showcased in our illustrations, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our commitment is not just to provide cables but to ensure that our clients find the perfect fit for their requirements.

To explore the full breadth of our offerings, or to discuss a specific requirement in detail, please contact us. Together, we can find the ideal connectivity solution tailored just for you.

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