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Wholesale Micro USB Cable Manufacturer in China

Goowell makes Fast Charging and Industrial Use of Micro USB cable Best USB Cable Manufacturer from China

  • USB A to Micro, USB C to Micro Data and Charge Cables, OTGs with a full list
  • USB 2.0 and 3.0 for your demand
  • All Length Micro USB Cable For your choice – From 6 inch to 10ft or more, or even less, according to your requirement
  • Fully Certified from cable material to the final product – CE, FC, RoHS, Reach Certificates could be provided 
  • Price range from the cheapest one to the highest quality standard for the most durable Micro USB Cable 
  • Current from 1A to 3A fast Charging Cable Wholesale 
  • Material from PU Leather, PVC, TPE, Soft Silicone, the fabric woven and many more for your choice 
  • Free Micro Charging Cable samples could be provided to you in a short time before mass production 

Type C/USB A to Micro B 3.1 Harddisk Data Cable

Product Description:

USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 cables are produced to meet the USB3 Vision Standard and are Engine Vision Compliant, with the spacing of twenty-two mm for A and B Connectors and nearly eighteen mm for Micro B Connectors. These are qualified to send USB 3.0 data up to 5 meters reliably used for solving the distance connection trouble in the Machine Apparition Industry. With the custom-made length and lots of diversity available; Goowell is able to offer exactly what your own setting requires.

For application in tight gaps, we manufacture (USB 3.0 90 degrees cable )USB 3.0 Right Angled 90 degrees Cables. And similar with straight screw cables, all the Angled cables keep to the USB3 Vision Typical.

We manufacture a variety of plug angle orientation and have the following:

1: Cable Options:

Normal wires with black colour

Highly flex cable in violet color:(the use of flexing prevention cable is specially designed for shifting system, drag chain system computer automation devices, AOI, motion findings, motion control and high-end communication equipment etc…)

2:USB connector molding type(USB2.0 / USB 3.0):

90 degree right/left/up/down angled USB cable

USB screw-lock cable

3: Cable Length:

Custom USB cables/Max long or short length in the industry

USB A to Micro 3.1 Cable

Specifications with characteristics:

1, We manufacture customized USB cable, USB3.0 cable and angulated connector with the plastic injection for your options.

2, Both ends with high-quality plugs, the surface treatment is gold plated, to ensure good contact with and 100 percent tinned copper conductor guarantee the sign interactions.

USB C to Micro 3.1 Cable

4, This Micro 3.1 data cable is mainly exported to the USA and Europe with the main use for the below-mentioned applications.

Used for: 

Mechanism Devices
Auto Visual Evaluation system=AOI
USB 3.0 Appliance
The laptop
The Network Appliances
Evaluation Assessment Equipment

Wholesale Micro USB Cable - Normal Data Cable

Goowell Provide Colorful, Multi-material and Different Length Micro Charging Cables for your Choice!

1) Zinc Alloy Metal Spring Material USB A to Micro Fast Charging Cable

Strong Pull-Out Force Micro Cable

Cable: Spring Material USB A to Micro Data Cable

Length: from 6 inch to 10 ft (20cm to 300cm)

Colour: Grey, Black, White, Pink and more

Outer Diameter: 3.5mm

Wholesale Micro USB Cable Price: USD1.2/pcs 

MOQ: Please check with Gowowell

Packaging: OPP bag, carton box or custom

Logo Lazer Printing: Okay to Customize, please provide artowrk

Output: 5V2A for normal charge

2)TPE Material USB A to Micro Fast Charge Cable

Extra Soft Hand Feel with Durability Micro Cable

Cable: TPE Material USB A to Micro Data Cable

Length: from 6 inch to 10 ft (20cm to 300cm)

Colour: Grey, Black, White, Pink and more

Outer Diameter: 3.5mm

Output: 5V5A

3)90 Degrees Dual Angle USB A to Micro Charge and Data Transfer Cable

Soft TPE Material with 90 Angle 1M/2M/3M or custom made the length

Cable: Game Players 90 Degree Micro Fast Charge Cable

Length: Stock is 1M, could custom length with White/Black Color

USB connector type

Durable and Stylish Design

Cable: Colorful Nylon Braided Micro USB Cable Bulk

Length: 3 Foot / 6 Foot/9 Foot or send your inquiry

Colour: 8 colors for your choice with output 5V2A

Finished Outer Diameter: 3.5mm

Packing: With Plastic Bag or Carton Box

Lazer Printing: Accept, please email the AI or CDR file

Wholesale Micro USB Cable Buying Guide

Introduction for the Micro USB Types and Usage

USB Connector Introduction

USB Cable Connector Types

USB Standard was Established in the Year 1994 by 7 leading companies

The promotion of USB is to regulate the connection and communication between electronic devices, and USB has indeed achieved this.
There are some different interfaces that can be converted to each other, because even though the shape is different, but the definition of the pins is the same.

Line 1 of the picture from left to right are: USB TYPE A Male, USB Type B Male, USB Mini A Male, USB Mini B Male, USB MiMale, USB Micro B Male

Line 3 of the picture from left to right are: USB TYPE A Female, USB Type B Female, USB Mini Female (could be plugged with both Mini A and Mini B Male), USB Micro A Female, USB Micro B Female

Pins of USB connector foot are 4 pins (USB A Male & Female, USB B Male & Female), 5 pins (Mini-A Female & Male, Mini B Male, Micro-A Male and Female, Micro B Male and Female)


Micro USB Types and usage

MIcro A, MIcro B 2.0, and 3.0 version

The micro connector has A and B types, also there is a universal Micro Female Connector to plug with both Micro-A and B Male connectors.

Micro A connector is in square shape while Micro B connector is in the trapezoid.

Because the Micro-A connector is too square and is easy to be plugged in wrongly, so it was eliminated.

Micro B connector is still to be used now, it is also well known as the Android charging port connector.

Before Type C was commonly used, Micro B is widely used for mobile phone charge cables and was called the Android charge connector.

Because it’s smaller than Mini B, so Mini B was out too.

Every home must have several pieces of Micro B USB cables, but many of you don’t have Mini B data cables anymore.

Micro 3.0 Micro-A and Micro B connectors are different from 2.0 version connectors.

For the same square shape reason of Micro USB3.0 A, it was out and only Micro B 3.0 was used and be widely used for some hard disks.


USB Connectors Summary – Exclude USB Type C Connector

USB —-Connector USB 2.0 and 3.0 Version

Grouped in shape:

1) USB Type-A, USB Type B, USB Type C

USA Type A is also called USB A, it’s widely used in many external devices, USB Type B is mainly used for printers, USB Type C now becomes more and more popular and will dominate the market soon, for this one we will introduce especially later on.

2) Mini A, Mini B

Mini A was eliminated from the market because it’s square shape and was easy to be plugged wrongly, Mini B is still to be used for MP4 and some older version mobile phone, etc.

3) Micro A, Micro B

Micro B connector is still widely used for Android mobile phones and many other devices that need to be charged with power like Bluetooth, little electric fans and others. Micro USB Cables have 2 functions only: Charge and Data Transfer.

Grouped from Protocol:

USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 – you could see USB B and Micro A, Micro B have different shapes for 2.0 and 3.0 version, the difference is in data transfer speed.

Computer peripherals connector or smartphone recharge supply

Video Explanation for Detailed Connectors Usage and shape etc.

It actually depends on what kind of connectors you are using for your devices

In order to get your devices like a camera, printer, mobile phone, hard disk, laptops, keyboards, and others to be powered, and sent data, you are actually using different USB connectors.

USB A, USB B, USB C (2.0&3.0)

Mini A, Mini B (2.0 only and now Mini B is widely used)

Micro A, Micro B (2.0 and 3.0, Micro B is used for Android mobile phones for charge and data transfer and we always call it Micro USB Cable.

As a manufacturer and supplier, Goowell provides all the above-mentioned USB cables you need for your devices, so welcome to check and order from us.

Micro USB Drawings in PDF

Below are drawings for all kinds of Micro A/B plug cables with different angles Goowell could make, they are for reference only.

If you are interested, please contact us for details.

There are many more unlisted here. 

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