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USB Type C Knowledge – What is USB Type C

Gold plated USB 3.0 A to C cable
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This connector is called USB C on computers and Type C on mobile phones

  • USB C Connector is just a connector type, there is no MIcro C, Mini C, only USB C
  • The reason why it’s popular now is that this connector could embed with many data transmission protocols
  • Because this connector has 2 sides same Pins inside, so its advantage itself is that this one supports plug from both sides, Apple Lightning connector also has this feature to be plugged from either side, but the Pins are exposed so easily to be oxides and not tearable as USB C connector. Also, this connector size is small, so many small and thin mobile phones or laptops prefer to use this connector socket.
  • Currently, Most Mobile Phones embeds with USB2.0, which has no difference with Micro Connectors, regarding data transfer speed,  however, it supports fast charge up to 20V5A 100W output if use USB2.0 Emarker Chips.

Goowell’s owner, Mr. Huang, recorded a video about the normal USB C cable types for mobile phones in the market, if review and if you have any problems, please contact us directly. 

USB C Connector Development History

USB C Multi-purpose
Bulk USB C Cables – USB A 2.0/USB 3.0 to USB C Data Cable
Brief Introduction on Hot Selling USB C Fast Charge Cable And will introduce the reason why to choose it.
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USB C Fast Charge Cable will be the final one and replace all others in the future Market. Why? 

Data Shared from IHS, ABI Research, and others for USB C Fast Charge shown as under:

From the Year 2015, we heard more and more manufacturers that they are more prefer to use standard USB Type C/PD Fast Charge solution.

In the year 2016, the electronic devices using USB C interface is around 100 Million

In the year 2019, the electronic devices using USB C interface is 2 billion qty. 

In the year 2020, the electronic devices using USB C interface is estimated to be 50% for smart mobile phones and 93% for Laptops.

Because this connector is easy to plug in and off and to store different protocols inside for various devices. 

So use USB-C Fast Charge Cable is the market trend.

Type C/USB C Connector Protocols loaded

USB A 3.0 to USB C cable

Even 2 Identical USB C Connectors may have different features, because they have loaded different protocols inside! 

1. USB 3.2 Gen 1( USB3.0 and USB3.1 GEN 1 equals to USB3.2 Gen1)

USB 3.2 gen 1’s speed width is 5Gbps, in theory, the max speed could be gained after divide 10 times of width because it uses the same 10bit transmission speed with SATA, so its speed is 500MB/s, most mainstream portable hard disk, and some U disk uses this protocol too.

2. USB 3.2 gen 2

Its speed width is up to 10Gbps, because it reverses some width to achieve other functions, hence the effective width is around 7.2Gbps and converts into the 720Mb/s speed.

3. USB 3.2 gen 2*2

The Speed could reach 20Gbps, but is not commonly used, so here will not give much introduction.

4. USB 4.0

Its width is 40Gbps and based on Thunderbolt 3, but it is different from Thunderbolt 3, so both of them are not fully compatible.

5. Thunderbolt 3 – the strongest protocol developed by Intel and Apple Companies

Thunderbolt 3 protocol also has a 40Gbps width, so it could realize the things that ordinary USB protocols couldn’t make.

1) Connect to Display Card, small and think laptop normally uses integrated card with only basic features, so when you need to play games or handle videos, the display card will not be sufficient, then under this situation, you could connect to a display card extension hub.

2) Connect to multiple LED screens, For example, Apple Macbook Pro has 4 USB C thunderbolt Connectors, you could connect with 4pcs 4K@60HZ display screen and work smoothly.

3) Support Bi-directional high power supply.

6. How to know if your laptop has a USB C connector with USB 3.1 protocol or Thunderbolt 3 protocol?

It will have a sign in your laptop of” SS” to show it’s a USB3.1 protocol and a “lightning” sign to show a Thunderbolt protocol.

Thunderbolt 3 40Gbps Cable
Bulk USB C Samsung Fast Charge Cable

Fast Charge Fully Compatible

Hot Selling – USB A to USB C Fast Charge Cable Samsung Compatible

If you are looking for a USB A to USB C Fast Charge Cable that could charge all devices with Type interface like Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, then you are in the right place.

Currently, Most Fast Charge USB A to USB C Cables Support one type of Mobile Phones Only as Huawei support QC 3.0 fast charge protocol but Samsung support others.

If you choose to buy in B2C Market, you will find out that most of the USB A to USB C Cables support Huawei Mobile Phone, don’t support others.

Here is the one USB A to USB C Cable Compatible with All Android Mobile Phones, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and many more.
On the Type C Connector side, you will find out an IC on the PCB board, it costs more on PCB electronics components and core wires (8 in total) but they are working for all with one USB C Fast Charge Cable only.
The current could reach 3A/5A when you charge your mobile phones by using this Fast Charge Type C Cable, and the charge speed is fast.
Emarker 100W PD fast charge cable

Emarker Chip 5Gbps/10Gbps Cable

20V5A 100W USB C to USB C Emarker Data Cable Wholesale USB2.0

Built-in Emarker Chip makes Sure the current for cable and USB C connector could Reach Real 5amp.
Currently, Most Fast Charge USB A to USB C Cables Support one type of Mobile Phones Only.
Without this Chip, no matter how thick your copper used on power cores, the current for the connector could reach 3A only.
Big 5A currents make sure your Laptop Device could get stable input from cable and high-speed transmission.
This USB C also ensures more than 8,000 times plug-offs and high pull-out force.

100W 20V5A Emarker Chip USB3.1 C Data Cable Bulk

  • Hot Selling USB C to C 3.0 Emarker Chip Data Cable,
  • Make sure data transmission speed up to 10Gbps,
  • TID Certified Chip with reliable quality,
  • Cable Length 1M or 2M or custom according to your need
  • If you need another type of shell, like add a metal cover or other shape, a new design will be provided to you

Emarker chip is TIF certified chip built in the PCB board on the Type C connector side. 

OTG Cable
USB C 3.0 OTG Cable
USB 3.0 OTG Type C Cable

How to Make and use a USB C OTG Cable

OTG Cable USB C, OTG Cable Micro, OTG Cable Lightning

As an OTG USB Cable Manufacturer, Goowell have all of them, please check with us for the products you need

OTG Cable Introduction

1. What is the Meaning of OTG Cable

2. What is the difference between OTG cable and USB cable? Can I use an OTG cable for charging?

3. What is the function of OTG cable?

4. How many types of OTG are there?

  1. USB On-The-Go OTG means USB On-The-Go, plugin and then use it. If you use this OTG to connect with a USB device like iPad or other tablets computer and your mobile phones, the OTG will tell your tablets or iPad or mobile to act as a host when connecting with other USB devices like U-disk, digital camera, keyboard, Microphone, Drum kit sound card, MIDI devices and many others with USB A connectors. 
  1. Difference between OTG cable and normal cable and can you use OTG cable for charging?
  • The USB connector has 4 Pins of Vcc, D+, D- and GND, and Micro or Type C has 5 Pins of Vcc, D+, D-, sense & GND, a normal USB cable which have charge and data transfer function will solder and connect 4 pins for both sides, and in this way, the mobile phone will be in peripheral mode.
  • If you short-circuited No.4 Sense pin and NO.5 GND pins, then the mobile phone will be in host mode and could be acted as an On-The-Go function. OTG cable could read and download files and photos from U-disk, digital cameras and could send files or pictures to U-disk and digital cameras too. When connecting with a mouse. the mouse could be clicked on a mobile screen when connecting with a keyboard, you could use mobile to work as a computer, so the function is very powerful. Sure could control other devices as mentioned earlier too.
  • Please Pay attention, Apple Lighting to USB3.0 OTG is not achieved by the above-mentioned method. The USB board is different.
  • OTG couldn’t be used for charge with charger directly, but you could use it to charge another mobile, or if you have an OTG splitter, like one Micro Type C Male to one USB A 3.0+ one Micro(Type C) Female, then you could plug your charge cable onto the Micro Female socket for a charge.
  • Type of OTG cables – Micro to USB OTG, Mini to USB OTG, Type C to USB OTG, and Lightning to USB OTG.
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Our Products related to USB C connectors

A brief introduction for Goowell’s products, welcome to bulk buy our ready stock or make customs orders to us

C to Lightning 2 in 1 Fast Charge Cable
  • 1M/2M or Custom Length USB C to Apple Lightning Data Cable
  • Nylon Woven Braided Material ensure cable strength
  • Use with 18W Apple standard fast charger to support fat charge up to 3A with your iPhone
  • Outer Diameter 3.9mm could use other outer material for your demand
  • MOQ 1000pcs with 10-15 days delivery
PD Fast Charge Lightning Cable Bulk USB C Cables High-Quality Fluid Silicone Wire USB Data Cable or PVC, TPE, Nylon Braided Material Fast Charge / Cheap Price

USB C to USB C Fast Charge Data Cable

  • 1M/2M or Custom Length USB C to USB C Fast Charge Data Cable
  • Extra Soft TPE Material ensure cable strength
  • Use with Fast charger to support fat charge up to 5A with your mobile phone
  • Outer Diameter 4.5mm could use other outer material for your demand, other colors are available too
65W C to C Fast Charge Cable

65W USB C to USB C Fast Charge Cable

  • 1M/2M or Custom Length USB C to Apple Lightning Data Cable
  • PVC Material ensure cable strength
  • Use with Fast charger to support fat charge up to 3A with your mobile phone and mac book for data transmission
  • Outer Diameter 4.5mm could use other outer material for your demand
Thunderbolt 3 40Gbps Cable

Thunderbolt 3 USB C to USB C Data Cable

  • 0.5M/1M/2M or Custom Length USB C to Apple Lightning Data Cable
  • TPE Material ensure cable strength
  • Output up to 100W, Support Double Side Data Transmission, Speed up to 40Gbps
  • Outer Diameter 4.7mm could use other outer material for your demand
  • Special Design for USB C Cable as your gift cable
Durable USB C to C Fast Charge cable

Durable USB C to C Fast Charge cable

New Design Magnetic Ring USB A to USB C data Cable

  • Soft TPE Material/Nylon Braided plus Magnetic Ring to ensure cable strength
  • Fast Charge, compatible with Oppo, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung
  • Three types of interface – USB C, Micro, and Lightning
  • Extra Long and thin SR to ensure longer usage life

Goowell is a factory to wholesale USB C cables with competitive prices and short lead time

USB Cable Manufacturer

We have the following advantages:

1)Purchase USB C connector withstand torque force, salty spray test and durable time

2)Rich OEM/ODM experience with the outstanding R&D team, quick response to your requests and fulfil your special product, normally the new tooling USB C cables could be finished within 5 weeks and mass production 6 weeks. We could also add logo on existing tooling with delivery 1-2 weeks.

3)Free design for your logo on your package.

4)Professional quality testing lab with a QC team to ensure every finished cable is in good quality before shipment.

5)Excellent Supply chain management team to control the purchasing cost and provide products to you with a stable and continuous timeline.

6)USB C cable production line has automatic machines to produce the cable with 6K daily capacity.

Goowell has Many More Types of USB C Fast Charge Cable Wholesale, some examples as below:

All Cables with USB C Connector For Your Choice and OEM/ODM are welcome too

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