Disassembly Report: Torras Mini 20W PD Fast Charger

Torras Mini PD Fast Charger

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TORRAS has recently launched a mini 20W PD fast charger, following the market trend to meet the demand of iPhone 12 users for mini-charging options. This charger is very small in size and has a 9V2.22A voltage step, which is very targeted and designed to be a charging accessory for iPhone 12 phones. Here we will disassemble this product to see the internal design and materials.

I.Torras mini 20W charger appearance

The box is square and black, with the TORRAS brand, charger appearance diagram and name printed on the top.
The manufacturer’s information is printed on the side, in addition to the charger information sticker and anti-counterfeiting code.
Only the charger is included in the package.
We got the actual white style, but it just goes to show that this charger is available in different colorways. The charger body tends to be a small square, with a frosted top glossy waist and rounded corner transition.
The input side of the charger is cut and fits well, and is additionally equipped with fixed national standard pins.
Charger parameters are printed on the input side housing
Model: CDRA30
Input: 100-240V~50/60HZ 0.5A
Output: 5V3A, 9V2.22A
Manufacturer: Shenzhen Tulas Technology Co.
Supervisor: Shenzhen Little Black Technology Co.
The product has passed 3C certification and Class VI energy efficiency certification.
USB C port on the input side is designed and put on the side top, red rubber core does not reveal copper, the center is printed with a gray logo.

The height of the charger body is 30.84mm as measured using vernier calipers.

The width is 30.64mm.

The thickness is 32.16mm.

The size advantage is obvious when compared visually with the Apple 20W charger.

The intuitive feeling of holding it in your hand.

The net weight of the charger is about 37g.

The USB-C port supports Apple 2.4A, Samsung 5V2A, DCP and PD3.0 protocols as measured using the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002.

In addition, the PDO message shows that the C port also has two sets of fixed voltage grades of 5V3A and 9V2.22A.

II. Torras mini 20W charger disassembly

The input case is removed, the pins and AC wires are crimped, and both ends of the wires are glued and insulated.

The PCBA module will be removed, and then measure the three-dimensional, you can see the height of 26.34mm.

The width is 24.46mm.

The thickness is 26.18mm. the whole PCBA module is made very small.

The charger is designed with 3 small boards combined with welding and a U-shaped structure, which is the main design method of mini-chargers nowadays and can maximize the use of internal space. In addition, it also uses the classic switching power supply wide range output, the protocol chip through the optocoupler feedback control output voltage architecture, the following content will show you to learn more about the components information.

The charger input is equipped with fuses, NTC surge suppression resistors, common-mode inductors and high-voltage filtering electrolytic capacitors, etc. The capacitors are protected by plastic tube isolation.

A rectifier bridge is provided on the back side of the input side panel.

Close up of the fuse, specification of 2A 250V.

NTC inrush suppression resistors are used to suppress the upper power inrush current.

Common mode inductors are used to filter out EMI interference.

Close up of ABS210 rectifier bridge.

The two high-voltage filtering electrolytic capacitors come from Zhaoqing Rubycon, and the specifications are 400V 15μF.

We know that the aluminum electrolytic capacitors, solid-state capacitors and supercapacitors produced by Rubycon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have superior performance and high cost performance, and have been previously used by Huawei 66W super-fast charger, Xiaomi 11 original 55W GaN charger, HP notebook 90W PD fast charger, Bull 20W PD fast charger, IKEA 40W 2A1C desktop charger, Philips 65W Fast charging socket and other big brand products have been used, and the quality has been unanimously recognized by customers.

Close up of the I.C. inductor.

The connecting small board is equipped with a PI master control chip and a transformer on the right side.

Separate the three panels.

The main controller chip of the charger is PI SC1548C with a built-in flyback controller, primary switching tube, and secondary side synchronous rectifier controller, in addition to an integrated feedback link with HIPOT isolation protection, which is very highly integrated. There is no need to match the optocoupler and synchronous rectifier controller when using, and multiple perfect protection functions are built-in.

PI SC1548C detailed specification information.

We learned that products using PI’s fast-charging chip also include Bull 20W charger, Xiaomi 22.5W fast charger, Little Black Technology 20W PD fast charger, Nokia 7 original charger, Xiaomi 6 power adapter, APB01 dual-mode smart charger, DVE Dewan all-in-one fast charger, ZMI six-position extension cord socket, etc.

Meanwhile, PI’s fast charging chips are also used in dozens of products of famous brands such as Apple, OPPO, and Samsung.

Close up of the transformer.

The Y-capacitor has an insulating tube over one of the solder pins, across the initial stage, for output immunity.

The output side of the small board has a protocol chip and output VBUS switch tube on the back.

The front of the board features a synchronous rectifier, solid-state capacitors, and a USB female header.

Closeup of the secondary synchronous rectifier, silkscreen S13N06.

Close up of the output filtering solid-state capacitor with a 12V 820μF specification.

The USB PD fast charging protocol chip comes from Huinengtai Semiconductor, model HUSB339B, which has received the USB-IF Association PD3.0 certification (TID: 62) and is also compatible with a variety of charging protocols such as PD2.0, QC2.0, QC3.0, AFC, FCP, BC1.2, Apple2.4A, etc. It is suitable for 20W PD travel charging and car charger and other applications.

Detailed specification information of HUSB339B.

We learned that the HUSB339B chip is also used in a variety of products, including the Barmai 20W fast charger, the Bull 20W charger, the Belkin 20W GaN PD fast charger, and the JSAUX 20W PD Mini fast charger, and the chip performance is highly recognized by customers.

Close up of the output VBUS switch tube, silkscreen CWT3122AP.

Close up of USB-C female header with a countersunk plate over hole soldering.

Disassembly finished.

Disassembly Summary

Torras mini 20W PD fast charging charger has rounded corners, so it doesn’t hurt to use. The input side is a cut-out design, with a fixed pin, charging more stable. The charger supports PD3.0 fast charging protocol and has two fixed voltage levels of 5V3A and 9V2.22A, which can meet the daily full-speed fast charging needs of iPhone 8 or above.

Through the assembly process, we learned that the charger not only uses the internal U-shaped structure design but also uses the PI highly integrated master chip SC1548C, which is very helpful to achieve the miniaturization of the charger. In addition, with the use of Huinengtai USB PD3.0 certification protocol chip HUSB339, emerald electrolytic capacitors for input filtering, solid-state capacitors for output filtering, the overall material is good.


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