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Goowell is a manufacturer and supplier for all your Apple Magsafe needs. From cables and adapters, to chargers with safety features like overcharge protection -we’ve got you covered!
Our products are designed to provide an easy charging experience for iPhone, AirPods users as well as Mac Book owners looking into going safe with their device or Charging cables! We carry everything you need from the original sized replacement cords all way down too small Repaces that will fit under this category.
So don't hesitate come on over today when we say "It's time!" In a world driven by technology, staying connected is more crucial than ever. As devices evolve, so do their power needs. Enter our superior MagSafe cables – representing the zenith of innovation and functionality. Designed by experts and manufactured with precision, our cables promise more than just power; they ensure reliability, durability, and seamless connectivity. As a leading MagSafe manufacturer, our commitment goes beyond mere manufacturing. We understand the intricate relationship between a device and its user. Our cables are crafted to enhance that bond, allowing for quicker charging times, strong magnetic connections, and a durability that stands the test of time. Dive into a world where your device's potential is unlocked with unmatched charging solutions.

Mix and match a colorful family of accessories to make your life easier.

magsafe series cable

Our journey as a premier MagSafe manufacturer began with a simple vision: to revolutionize the way devices are charged. Over the years, we’ve merged innovative technology with meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring each MagSafe cable we produce is a testament to quality and reliability.

Our manufacturing facility, state-of-the-art and expansive, is home to a team of dedicated engineers and designers. Every day, they work tirelessly, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, ensuring that each cable is a masterpiece in its own right. We source materials of the highest caliber, and our rigorous quality checks ensure that every product that leaves our facility stands true to our promise of excellence.

We take pride not only in our products but in our legacy. As a recognized MagSafe manufacturer, we’ve fostered trust, and our clients worldwide can vouch for our commitment to excellence. Join us on this journey of innovation, as we continue to shape the future of charging.

magsafe charging cable for iphone

MagSafe Cable for iPhone

Our iPhone MagSafe cable, meticulously designed, ensures your device is powered efficiently. With quick-charging capabilities, the cable guarantees that you’re always ready to go.                                                        The braided design offers added durability, ensuring longevity and resistance against wear and tear。

macbook magsafe cable

MagSafe Cable for MacBook

Understanding the power needs of a MacBook, our MagSafe cable is crafted to provide optimal charging speeds. The magnetic connection is robust, ensuring your MacBook remains safe from accidental pullaways. With a tangle-free design,                            it’s the perfect companion for those on the move。

magsafe adapter

Universal MagSafe Adapters

In today’s diverse tech landscape, adaptability is key. Our Universal MagSafe Adapters are testimony to that principle. Whether you’re connecting to a phone, tablet, or laptop, our adapters ensure seamless compatibility. Designed with a focus on user experience, these adapters make charging a breeze, irrespective of your device.

Our Happy Clients!

Check with us for more details if you like to order in bulk quantity or custom your own Magsafe cables. 

“When I first got my hands on a Goowell’s MagSafe cable, I couldn’t believe the difference. It felt like a complete game-changer. The quality, the feel, and the performance were just top-notch. I’ve tried many brands in the past, but nothing comes close. They’re genuinely the best MagSafe manufacturer out there. My devices are charged faster, and the cable’s durability is just unmatched.”

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“I’ve been using Goowell’s cables for quite some time now, and I can confidently say they’re the real deal. Not once have they failed me. They’re the epitome of reliability and durability. Whether I’m traveling, working, or just chilling at home, I know I can count on their cables to power my devices efficiently. Their performance has been consistent, and that’s something hard to find these days.”

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