Apple’s New iPhone 15 Series Embraces the USB-C Revolution

240w 2m cc cable iphone 15 lightning cable

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Apple’s annual Fall event unveiled some exciting surprises, most notably, the much-anticipated switch of the iPhone 15 series to USB-C interfaces.

Alongside the debut of the Apple Watch S9/Ultra Apple showcased a collection of USB-C accessories specifically designed for the new iPhone 15 lineup.

Apple’s iPhone 15 series has once again proved the tech giant’s commitment to innovation.

The latest line-up fully transitions to the Type-C interface, moving away from the Lightning ports of yesteryears.

Along with this game-changing modification, Apple has introduced its official Type-C charging cables. As expected from the brand, quality comes at a premium price.

Spotlight on Apple’s Latest USB-C Accessories

  • Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable (1m):
    Designed with a sleek, black, tangle-resistant braided design, this cable is all about speed and versatility. It supports rapid data transfers – from Thunderbolt 3 and 4 to USB 4 (up to a whopping 40Gb/s) and USB 3 (up to 10Gb/s). It’s perfect for everything from charging (up to 100W) to connecting your Mac and iPhone 15 Pro to various displays and devices.
thunderbolt cable
  • 240W USB-C Charging Cable (2m):
    Boasting a braided design and USB-C connectors on both sides, this cable is perfect for fast charging and data synchronization. Thanks to its support for the PD 3.1 fast charging protocol, it can supercharge a wide range of devices, from laptops to the new USB-C AirPods Pro 2.
240w 2m cc cable
  • USB-C to Lightning Adapter:
    For those still clinging onto their Lightning connector accessories, Apple hasn’t forgotten about you. This nifty adapter makes it effortless to connect Lightning accessories to any iPhone 15 series or iPad that now comes with a USB-C port. Plus, its braided design ensures it’s built to last.
l to c adapter
  • EarPods (USB-C Version):
    Comfort meets high-quality audio. Apple’s reinvented EarPods, tailored to the human ear’s geometry, promises both superior comfort and immersive sound quality. Its intuitive inline controls put music, video playback, and call management at your fingertips.
apple type c connector earpods

Wrapping Up the USB-C Transition

The shift to USB-C interfaces across the iPhone 15 series represents Apple’s commitment to innovation and user experience. Not only does this change offer faster data transfer and enhanced power capabilities, but it also underscores Apple’s vision of a unified and versatile ecosystem.

It’s worth noting, however, that many devices still employ the Lightning interface. This means the transition, while promising, will require some patience as the tech landscape adjusts over the next few years.

Ultimately, the broader adoption of USB-C by Apple is a significant leap forward, promising both consumers and accessory manufacturers greater efficiency, cost savings, and a flurry of USB-C related products in the market.

A Glimpse at Apple’s Official Type-C Charging Cables

Apple has unveiled two stellar Type-C charging cables for its enthusiasts:

  • 60W USB-C Charging Cable (1 meter): Priced at ¥145, this charging cable is a fusion of style and function. With a length of 1 meter, it features a braided design and USB-C connectors on both ends. Perfect for charging and data synchronization among USB-C devices, this cable boasts a maximum charging power of 60W and operates at a USB 2 transfer rate.
  • 240W USB-C Charging Cable (2 meters): Retailing at ¥243, this cable offers double the length and quadruple the power. Like its 60W counterpart, it supports data transfers at USB 2 speeds.

While both cables are compatible with the iPhone 15 series, there’s a small caveat: they might not fully harness the iPhone 15 Pro’s USB 3 capabilities.

Delving Deeper into the 60W USB-C Charging Cable

Apple’s official description illuminates the prowess of the 60W variant. Designed with a braided texture, it’s made for more than just charging. It is adept at syncing or transferring data between USB-C devices. When paired with a compatible USB-C power adapter (sold separately), users can leverage the benefits of rapid charging directly from a power socket.

Understanding the iPhone 15 Series Charging Capabilities

As the tech community has discerned, the iPhone 15 series comes with a charging power of 27W. For those eyeing the iPhone 15 Pro, the charging power sees a bump up to 35W.

Closing Thoughts

Apple’s move to the Type-C interface across the iPhone 15 series underlines the tech giant’s vision of a streamlined, efficient future. While the newly released cables are a testament to Apple’s dedication to quality and innovation, users should be aware of their specific needs, especially when selecting between the 60W and 240W versions.


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