XGW637 Round Head USB2.0 to Micro Data Cable, Micro USB OTG Cable, Micro USB Fast Charge Cable Bulk

Product Parameters
P/N: Roundhead USB2.0 to Micro Data Cable
NO: XGW 637
Brand: Xingoowell
Function: Tin plated copper wire core AWG28/24 support fast charging with up to 5V/2.4A of power output and data transfer at speed of 480Mbps, Be Compatible with Android System Micro Interface.
Material: High-grade nylon with Aluminum Shell
Package: OPP Bag
Colour: Red, Gold

Additional information


Black, Gold, Red


1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT, Custom Length

Connector Type

USB A to Micro




Product Details


Tudor gold, Chinese red, a variety of colors for your choice.

Face value has a plus, the details can see a designer’s intention, the USB head and MICRO head are round, distinguishing it from other brands.

Nylon weave, no draw phenomenon, soft, bending fit. Our quality control has been good, no workmanship or quality problems encountered. For people who don’t like to compare, our cable is still a solid no-fail option.

The 1-meter cable length basically meets all the scenarios of daily use. For me personally, daily charging in bed requires such a long cable to pick up from the socket on the table, and occasionally home to do high-speed rail overrun charging is also very good to use.

One end of the micro USB can be laser engraved logo, both ends of the surface are anodized and sandblasted process, stain resistance enhanced (before a smooth plastic surface of the data cable, I do not know how to touch the tape, then it has been sticky, this should not be).

Touch feeling is also good, similar to the excellent frosted surface, visually slow reflection more texture.

Feelings & Summary

Pros: 2.4A fast charging is quite good, an hour lunch break at noon will be able to fully charge the phone, the line is very good bending, dragging the bed charging practically.

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