Zinc Alloy Spring Material USB to Micro Data Cable Wholesale

The newest version of Rainbow color cables come out

Apple Lightning/Micro/Type C/3in1

Stainless steel cable body with reliable bending and SR

Not easy to be brokean

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Product Details

Micro Charge and Data Transfer Cable
Micro Fast Charge Data Cable
Several Colors on stock, Environmental Friendly Material
Zinc Alloy Head plus Stainless Steel Cable Body to Fast Charge
Pure Tinned Cooper, increase charge speed up to 40%, if upgrade conductor cooper the current could reach 3A, please contact with us for details
Stainless Steel Soft Tube Body, to prevent intertwine
Safer and more stable, no need to take off phone case when charging with the zinc alloy head
10,820 bending times testing passed
Smooth Hand Feel, No deformity
Pull out strength is out of imagination, the usage life is 3x more than the original connector

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