Thunderbolt 3 cable 0.5M/0.7M/0.8M 40G 100W

thunderbolt 3 cable 0.5M/0.7M/0.8M 40G 100W Compatible with USBC3.0/1 Thunderbolt 3 Audio 4k5k Cable

Material: PVC
Colour: Black
Function: Charge, Data Transfer, Video, Audio, and more

Cable: Coaxial Technology Shielded Cables from Japan Sumitomo

Outer Shell: 2 sides metal cover, cable body silicone PVC 

Current: 100W 20V 5A

Data: 40Gbps 

** Remarks Goowell reserve the right to change the product, the appearance and dimension may have a slight difference with pictures, please refer to the physical cable as the real one:

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Product Details

Compatible with USBC3.0/1 Thunderbolt 3 Audio 4k5k Cable

Thunderbolt 3 Data Cable wholesale
*Intel Certified: The product passes intel official certification, stable and durable, no harm to the device, and brings a better transmission experience
*40Gbps Transmission Speed: Ideal speed is 40Gbps, Breakthrough the traditional speed limit, with the Thunderbolt 3 interface device, large files easily transferred, like a 2.5G file, it could be transferred in 1 second
*6K High-Resolution Extension: Ultra-HD output, bringing cinema-quality video experience and meet the multiple needs of HD editing.
*Connect with up to 6 display screens
*100W Output

[2nd Generation Coaxial Cable] 

The coaxial wire is a kind of wire structure called coaxial wire which only has a double layer of shielding and the polymer material Teflon as the insulation technology, the high-frequency differential signal is output in the state of no interference and low loss, and it is closely wrapped around the central copper core and its insulation layer.
The wire itself is a single wire with a characteristic impedance, which is stable during processing, while the twisted wire needs to be twisted to maintain the characteristic, which is difficult to control the stability during processing; coaxial wire can be ultra-high-definition and ultra-high-speed, and the wire body is ultra-soft and easy to store.

[100W big output] 

Built-in Thunderbolt E-marker Chip Technology makes the communication among charge with mobile phone and notebook with stable and quick but safe charge. 


Q: Please confirm if the chip is passive or active?

  A:  Normally Thunderbolt 3 cable length below 1M are passive chip, which is full function cables, it supports all Type C or display screen has Thunderbolt 3 interface, and Type C hard disk box max speed could reach 980M/s (limited its speed because the box itself has only 1000M/s max speed) and Thunderbolt 3 hard disk box max speed could reach to 3800M/s(limited by the max SSD speed). 

   The Thunderbolt 3 cable length more than 1M, like 1.5M or 2M, it is only pure Thunderbolt cable, it doesn’t support 3.0/3.1, only support 2.0 speed and it supports the display screen with the ones that have Thunderbolt 3 sign and it doesn’t compatible with USB C 10G speed, only has USB2.0 speed on Type C hard disk box. 

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