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USB 3.0 Protocol USB A to Type C Charge and Data Transfer Cable


1.Environmentally friendly materials.
2.Nylon braided anti-folding 8000 times. Say goodbye to the break line.
3.Antioxidant pure aluminum alloy casing.
4.Gold-plated contacts, High-frequency use, high-speed transmission.
5. 3-in-1 universal data cable for various models.
6.Pure copper wire fast charging.

7. Built-in 56K resistor ensures the maximum electrical current for safety and reliability. Prevents any damage to your USB devices.

Additional information


Black, Grey

Connector Type

USB A 3.0 to Type C


1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT, Custom Length




Product Details

usb3.0 has a faster transfer rate than 2.0, charges faster, and is backward compatible with 2.0
usb3.1 usually refers to usb3.1 gen2, faster than 3.0 transmission rate, faster charging, and is compatible with
type-c usually refers to usb3.1 an interface shape, a total of three major categories, c is the third major category
First look at the usb2.0 interface

Theoretical transfer rate of 480Mbps, that is, 60MB / s
Four pins
Power supply maximum allowable standard 5V/0.5A
The theoretical transmission rate of 5.0Gbps
The use of 8/10b encoding method, the 8-bit data encoded into 10 bits to send, that is, 500MB / s, 9 pins, four of which are in the same position as usb2.0, and that is why it is compatible with usb2.0
Note that the compatibility mentioned here only means that it can be physically compatible with the plugin, and the transmission speed is definitely still 2.0 effect
Power supply maximum allowable standard 5V/0.9A

Some other ways to identify
In principle, the middle plastic piece of usb3.0 is blue, while the middle plastic piece of usb2.0 is black or white, but there is no rule
usb3.0 device jack appearance compared to usb2.0 more “SS” logo, representing SuperSpeed, but there is no absolute limit

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