Type C 3.1 to HDMI Adapter

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Outer Shell: Aluminium Alloy

Product Name: Type C to HDMI Adapter

Transfer direction: Type C to HDMI

Outer Jacket Material: TPE

Colour: Black, White, Grey

Total Length: 164mm

Resolution: 4K*2K

Type C male to HDMI Female connectors

Tinned Cooper

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Product Details

Compatible Type C to HDMI connectors matches with most devices like TV, display screen, projector, mobile phone, MacBooks and notebooks etc.

Outer Shell Material: Aluminium Alloy, with good heat dispense performance

The chip used in this product is AG9310, which makes it more compatible with other devices and reduces the risk of overheating.

4K High-Resolution Picture quality, video and picture data transfers in high speed and stable, smooth picture

This cell phone is connected to the projector, and it’s shocking how realistic 3D vision looks. It feels like you’re really in a movie or somewhere else entirely.

The computer is connected to the display, turning it into an even more enjoyable game. The clearer and smoother experience will make you feel like your in complete control!

The TPE outer jacket is strong and flexible, making it perfect for cables. The material has enough heft to maintain its shape when threading through devices or sockets without being too thin so that you can feel every contour along the way!

By using a pure copper tinning process, coupled with aluminium foil and ground double shielding you can effectively shield your battery from interference. This will cause more stability in the signal for better quality audio!

Unlike other interfaces, the gold plated design of this one ensures that your contacts don’t get rusted or damaged from moisture. It also prevents any poor connection between them because it’s more stable and has higher plugging resistance than others which will lead to problems such as shorting out wires in a wall socket!

Shells come in a variety of materials and finishes, such as plastic or frosted metal.

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