Original Lightning 3.5mm talkable version Headphone Adapter, Apple Lightning Audio Adapter Bulk

P/N: 3.5mm talkable version of the patch cord
NO: XGW 619
Function: 3.5mm talk board adapter cable (1*Lightning male +1*Lightning female +3.5mm headphone jack) support charging / listening to music/call/wire control/data transmission (no need for Bluetooth, no pop-up window)
Material: OEM
Package: OPP Bag
Colour: Black(OEM)
Length: 1M
Weight: 70g
Price: $12.00

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Product Details


Charge and listen to songs in one line Support calls
Apple original chip
Charging while talking and listening to songs
Strong compatibility, can be used for Apple phones and tablets
Resolve current noise Stable and smooth without delay
Delicate and compact, easy to carry, does not take up space, safe fast charging does not hurt the machine

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