USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Co-Screen Cable

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Type C to HDMI Cable

Tinned Cooper



Outer Jacket: Eco-friendly PVC + Cotton Mesh

Chip: RTD2172U

Connector: Gold Plated

Color: Dark Sky Grey

Length: 2M

Carton Box Packaging

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Product Details

True 4K, More HD, No Delay, No Flashback

With 4K HD large-screen viewing, audio and video synchronization for a more realistic picture with a 60Hz refresh rate to make it easier on your eyes.

Connect your phone to the TV and enjoy cinema-quality visuals at home, with a wide viewing angle that makes it easy for you. The intuitive experience will have clear details in every scene because of its high definition quality!

Laptops are great for making the office or home more comfortable. They can be connected to projectors or bigger monitors, which then display images on a large screen instead of just your computer monitor!

The line of connection, early learning helper and the TV screen’s cast all in one. This way your little one won’t have to spend time looking at small screens that can damage their eyes!

More modes waiting for you to find!
1) Same screen mode, can be displayed on the same monitor or TV and gives a large viewable area. 2) Extended Mode: Split-screen operation is perfect if there are two computers that need access simultaneously; it allows both fish & bear’s paws at once too.

The gold plating process on this interface not only prevents it from deteriorating but also preserves its beauty, ensuring that you can use the same plug-and-play multiple times without worrying about oxidation or damage.

Protecting your eyes from harmful radiation is important. With our multiple shielding without flicker screen, you can enjoy clear and more stable picture quality while avoiding battery interference to ensure the best signal transmission possible!

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