Supercalla Magnetic High Quality Low Cost USB A to Lightning Cable

Cheap Price Easy to Store Magnetic Ring USB A to Lightning/Micro/USB C Data Cable 3 connector Cable
Support small batch wholesale for Supercalla Easy to store data cable
Magnetic Ring Style Cable Storage Data Cable
Suitable for: Android/iOS/USB C
No over-heat and hot hand feel with high temperature
Length: 1M (other lengths please check with Goowell for a custom order)
Colors: Black/White/Red
Material: Aluminium Shell, TPE, Cooper inner wire, magnet
Current: 2.4A
Specification: 50/0.08*2TC + 15/0.08*2TC
Pieces per master carton: 50*31*22cm 200pcs/carton box

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Black, Red




Product Details

Selling Point: Uses Pure copper inner core and TPE extra soft cable body, the cable is flexible and durable, not easy to be knotted

Why need to discontinue using the old types of USB data cable?

* The old data cables are in a mess and occupy a lot of space;

*Temperature of old data cables are with unstable temperature and easy to get over-heat and damage battery

*Slow charge speed and couldn’t make a fast charge for your old data cables

Cheap ones copy the patent, but couldn’t copy workmanship and quality

*Cheap Magnetic Ring Easy to Store data cables are silicone material with very soft hand touch while the cheap ones are PVC with hard hand feel 

*Always in stable affordable temperature, while cheap ones are with unstable temp above or lower than normal, so very easy to damage mobile phones 

Does this Cable good to be used?

98% of persons are satisfied with it, while only 2% say it’s average;

It’s very necessary to use a high-quality cable, why? 

*Super convenient – easy to keep in your place and anti-tangle

*Fast Charge – could charge up to 50% in 40 minutes

*No harm to the battery – No overheat, no damage

Magnet Double TPE + Silicone – say goodbye to messy cables! 

Instant absorption, neatly tied
Gently put, strong adsorption, randomly folded, not loose wire, fast and neat.

Flexible, long or short Magnetic Ring Data Cable 
Segmented magnetic suction design, a suction, and pull, any adjustment, charging uncluttered

Put into your bag, tote, no knotting, anti-tangle, easy to keep in place, make a pleasant trip

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