Extra Soft Fluid TPE Stretchable 3 in 1 Charge Cable


1. Name: Stretchable Easy to store USB Data Cable

2. Current: 3A fast charge

3. Cable length: 120cm or custom

50*0.08*2C pure copper inner core,
support 2A charge USB2.0
Colorful, Stretchable, easy to store, no mess up for cables
1.2M long

4. Material: Silicone + Alloy + ABS

5. Inner core: 55TC*0.08

6. Packaging: OPP bag or carton box

Additional information


Black, Blue, Red






Product Details

Extra Silicone Retractable USB to Micro/USB C/Lightning Data Cable

*One wire with three uses, flexible and easy to use, convenient and versatile, suitable to use with all 3 connectors together, or if you need more or different connectors, we could make a custom order for you
*Lengthen and shorten the cable length as you like, and easy to keep in the place you prefer without the mess
*Could charge Micro/USB C/Lightning connector devices at the same time
Fluid Silicone TPE 3in1 Cable

*One Cable for 3 Types of Mobile Phones – Micro/Lightning/USB C, Fully compatible with all devices by using these 3 types of connectors

*Smart Dual Chip

*Small and convenient

*Speed up Safely

*Five Gear Adjustment

*Several colors for your choice – Red, Green, Yellow

Why not choose the low-cost plastic Data Cable? 

1. The cheap plastic material cable is easy to break, like hard PVC or TPE

2. The cheap cables have less qty of inner cores makes the charge slow and unsafe

3. The cheap data lines plastic are not heat-resistant

Why choose this soft silicone data cable? 

1. Stretching and flexibility, the total cable length is 120cm, you could stretch it to 5 different cable lengths on different gears of 30cm, 50cm, 70cm, 90cm, and 120cm. (Attention: Use by stretching both ends at the same time! Do not pull on one end alone, as this may cause a jam or damage to the internal structure).

2. Liquid Silicone with noodle wire design, anti-tangle, and easy to store

3. Elegant and portable, take one cable out is enough for your needs when you go out

4. Usage: When using, just pull one end of any one of the three connectors, hear the “click” sound can be fixed gears, the rest of the gears and so on;

After gear is secured, pull it slightly outward again and the data cable will retract naturally.

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