60W TPE USB C to USB C Fast Charge Cable

Product Specification: 

Brand: Xingoowell or OEM 

Name: USB C to USB C PD2.0 60W Quick Charge Data Cable

Material: ABS One Time Injection Shell with SR together (same workmanship as Apple’s C to Lightning Fast Charge Cable), Extra Soft TPE 

Current: 20V 3A Max

File Transmission Speed: 480Mbps

Colour: White/Black or custom color 

Package: OPP Bag or Bulk Tray or custom according to your needs 

Connector: Suitable for all devices with USB C Connectors 

Length: 1M 2M 

Additional information


1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT


Black, White




Product Details

USB C to USB C fast charging cable, 3FT/6FT USB C to USB C Cable, USB C Charging Cable 60W 3A
Quick Charge USB C to USB C 60W PD Fast Charge Cable
*Support PD 60W big Output Quick Charge
*in 2.5 hours full charge IP notebook
*in 1.5 hours charge Huawei P20 to 100% (must use the fast charger with USB C connector)
*Support QC3.0 fast charge protocol
*Extended SR with full coverage, bending angle 30 degrees without breakage
*Fast File Transmission Speed – standard USD2.0 speed with 480Mbps to transfer the 1G file in 30 seconds
*Upgraded 5 inner cores with thicker tinner copper cores with a small loss, more stable transmission with fast charge, and no harm to mobile phones
*Soft TPE good hand feel

USB C to USB C fast charging cable, 3FT/6FT USB C to USB C Cable, USB C Charging Cable 60W 3A 

PD Quick Charge Definition – 

PD fast charging is the addition of power delivery through the connector of the cable to extend the power supply of the cable bus in the application.

The specification allows for higher voltages and currents, delivering up to 100 watts of power, and the freedom to change the direction of power delivery. The TYPE C interface supports up to 5V3A by default, but with the implementation of the PD protocol, it is possible to achieve output power support up to 5 V. 100 watts.


1) Q: Could it support GaN 65W Fast Charger? 

A: Yes, it supports GaN 65W Fast charger, since its output is 60W already.

2) Q: Is there anyone who used it to charge Lenovo X1 Notebook earlier? 

     A: It supports PD quick charge, the charging speed is the same as the original IP charger. Fully upgraded intelligent chip with faster charge speed, extra soft TPE wire is durable with long usage time, fully compatible with all devices have USB C connectors.

3) Q: What’s the current for this USB C cable?

     A: With 3A current.

4)Q: Could it trigger Charge Turbo for the quick charge? 

A: Currently all the GaN chargers could not trigger Charge Turbo, it’s a private protocol owned by Xiaomi only.

5) Q: Can I use it for charging cable in the car? 

A: Yes, this cable is good quality with a strong cable and SR connection part, so please be rest assured to use it in your car at any time.

6) Q: What’s quick charge protocol does this cable support? 

A: PD and QC3.0.

7) Q: Could it send data and charge at the same time? 

     A: Yes, this USB C to USB C Fast Charge 60W Cable supports quick charge and data transfer, could do both at the same time.

Customer Feedback: 

* I feel the cable looks strong enough with good workmanship, the connection to the mobile phone is tuff without loose ends. 

*Fully compatible, support PD fast charge, TPE material is soft but durable. 

*Had good experience since I used this data cable for some time, I found the charge speed is fast and cable is long enough with competitive selling prices, same quality as the original cable. 

*Used it with Samsung S20 charger and works perfectly. 

* I used it for data transfer and charge and I am very satisfied with the charge speed, it matches greatly with my Ipad pro! 

* I used it to charge a 20000mAh power bank and it works for such a big output power bank too. 

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