XGW840 Micro USB Charging Cable Magnetic Bracelet Charging Line Micro USB Cable Data Cable Charging

Product name: Micro USB magnetic bracelet charging cable
Applicable connector: For Micro Mobile Phone
Product material: PU+Aluminum alloy
Product color: Colours(OEM)
Package: Carton or plastic bag (OEM)
Function: Charging and data transmission
Length: 1Meter/2Meter (OEM)
Output: 5V 2A
Weight: 25g
Application: Mobile phone, tablet, game console, computer, etc as a gift cable.

Additional information


Black, Blue, Red






Product Details


Obviously, It’s a data cable but with the same outlook as bracelets
What do you see the best-looking data cable looks like?

Is it a variety of green colors, or designed to look like a variety of cartoon cute fun? But according to Goowell, these are not enough to be called good-looking, at most, just a little creative, just because the pearl in front, the other are not looking at.

The so-called “pearl in front” of the data line, simply beautiful, and creative is also first-class, first-class to others do not say, you would never think that the goods are data lines! The same is the data line, why this particular show? Unravel its true nature – a string of Buddhist beads, data line.

This year’s creativity is a lot, so that even the Buddha beads, such as representing “outside the party” “to avoid the world” and other meanings of objects are not spared, GFM will work together with the chain data cable is also under the mind. Look at this one plexiglass as the main material, after the second polishing process into the beads, round and full smooth and translucent, the first time the face control can not let go.

When it’s time to charge, open the “bracelet” interface, the gold Apple integrated charging connector, perfectly compatible with iPhone series phones, as well as conventional Android phones and Type-c connectors, any phone can be used. And when you don’t need to charge, it is a good-looking bracelet, men and women alike!

Its charging efficiency is also worth mentioning, with 104 standard 3.0 national standard copper, the top wire configuration, which integrates data transfer and charging. The data transfer speed can reach 480Mbps, while the 2.4A fast charging speed brings a faster charging speed than the original.

The length of the whole “bracelet” is 27cm, plus the space occupied by the beads, suitable for most people to wear unless the elbow is thin as a matchstick or thick as an elephant leg, then it is recommended to give up. Otherwise, such a practical and beautiful “bracelet”, who can bear to refuse it?

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