XGW636 USB2.0 to Type C Data Cable, USB C Fast Charge Data Cable, USB C to USB A Data Transfer Cable

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P/N: Roundhead Apple/TypeC/Micro data cable
NO: XGW 636
Brand: Xingoowell
Function: Tin-plated copper wire core AWG28/24 support fast charging with up to 5V/2.4A of power output and data transfer at speed of 480Mbps, Be Compatible with Android System Type C Interface.
Material: High-grade nylon with Aluminum Shell
Package: OPP Bag
Colour: Red, Gold

Additional information

Connector Type

USB A to Type C


Black, Red




1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT


Product Details


The ends of the Type-C braided cable are made of a square aluminum alloy casing, first frosted and then supplemented with an anodizing process, which provides a delicate feel and at the same time has a stain and scratch-resistant performance.

In addition, the details are also in place, the aluminum alloy case edges are polished with NCN chamfering, making a seemingly simple cable is not monotonous; and another advantage of chamfering is that when unplugging the cable, it will not cut your hand, making the experience better.

In addition to the aluminum casing, the USB-A head is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which improves corrosion resistance compared to the common tinplate. The pin contacts are also gold-plated, effectively reducing contact resistance and making charging faster.

Unlike the common TPE material data cable on the market today, this Type-C cable is made of nylon braided material.

Imagine the game to play half of the phone out of power, charging before you have to spend a lot of time to organize the messy data line, is not to collapse? The advantage of the nylon braided cable is that it is not as easy to tangle as the TPE material, storage, use it is very convenient, pull out can be used, which can also win more time for playing games.

Of course, this product is not only the outside of the wire was used nylon material, but its internal also added tensile nylon wire, in between, but there is also a layer of the flame retardant protective layer. So, its pulling resistance and safety performance are also relatively strong. At the same time, the end of the wire is reinforced and thickened, and the bending resistance has been improved.

A variety of quality performance in one, so that the Type-C braided data cable life is obvious.

Type-C braided data cable internal body material is thickened galvanized copper wire, making it less wire loss in the charging process and faster charging speed for the device. It is worth mentioning that this Type-C braided cable also includes a thermal protection resistor in the Type-C head, so if you encounter a short circuit, temperature, current and other abnormalities during charging, the cable will stop supplying power, effectively preventing electronic devices from being damaged during charging.

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