Apple 5w USB Power Adapter 5V1A Wall Charger

Apple Power Adapter High-Quality EU AU UK 5V1A Mobile Phone Charger
Classic Apple 5W 5V1A USB Power Adapter
The adapter’s 2 Sides are the Same appearance from 1st generation, white plastic shell with shinning surface treatment with arc transition
Input and Output Sides are Grey with matt surface, the Plug-ins are Fixed, Output Side has one USB A Socket Only
Adapter passes CE, FC, ROHS Certificate
Small Size and Light Weight, weighs around 26g
The USB A socket Output Protocol supports DCP only, If Charge iPhone, the Output is around 5V/1A, Charge Huawei, current around 4.84V/1.15A

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This 5W USB Power Adapter could be used to Charge Power Bank with 5.57W Output
Apple 5V1A Wall Charger

Apple 5w USB Power Adapter Apple Power Adapter High-Quality EU AU UK 5V1A Mobile Phone Charger

Same workmanship as the original Apple 5W USB Power Adapter, Even for the Most Unnoticed Products, You could see that we take the materials and workmanship to the extreme to ensure the performance of the product.

Let’s introduce the inner construction for this 5W USB Power Adapter to show how excellent design is:

1) Cut off the output side’s outer cover, From the cross-section, you can see that the body case is very thick and protective. Even if you dismantle the outer cover off, it’s very hard for you to take the PCB board out unless you Cut the remaining housing in half. This Apple 5W Charger hasReally Very solid workmanship.

2) PCBA board information: MCU side has a main control PWM control IC and a bridge Chip with a high voltage of up to 1000V. The other side of PCBA components uses a high-frequency filter and strong insulation so PCBA boards are very safe. And all other electronic components used are all from famous brands with reliable quality.

In summary, This 5W USB power adapter PCB Main sides use ON MCU to control MOSFET then uses high voltage electrolytic capacitor to perform filter, on the other side of PCB, uses DIODES for output rectification, tantalum capacitor to send filter wave output, all components are first-class brands. Outer with very strong plastic material for protection.

You worth to buy one.

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