Nylon Braided Apple Lightning Cable Audio Splitter Apple Lightning Cable Headphone Splitter Bulk

Product Parameters
P/N: Apple Lightning Cable Headphone Splitter
NO: XGW 653
Function: Charging/Calling/Music Tin plated copper wire core AWG28/24 support fast charging with up to 5V/2.4A of power output, Be Compatible with IOS 9, 10, 11,12 or later Support devices: iPhone11/11pro/11pro/Max/Xs/xr/8/8Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6s Plus,iPad, iPod, etc.
Material: High-grade nylon with Aluminum Shell

Additional information


Black, Red

Connector Type

Lightning Male + Lightning Female




1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT




Product Details


In short, it is still necessary to spend dedicated time to charge your phone ……

Why do we need to set aside such precious time dedicated to charging our phones?

The iPhone 7 switch to Lightning interface headphones is indeed a huge breakthrough. Not only does it have a purer digital signal output, but it also makes in-ear active noise-canceling headphones possible because they can be powered externally by the phone. Direct digital signal output with an external high-performance decoder can make the iPhone 7 become a high-fidelity audio player to meet the ears of audiophiles.

But none of this should deprive users of the power to charge at the same time, because once there is no power, the iPhone is nothing. When the power is low but you really need to use the headphones, users have to “charge for a while and use for a while”, which is a very bad experience.

Now XINGOOWELL dual Lightning charging audio integrated cable, so that the problem is solved.

Caught in the dilemma of charging and listening to songs, the cool cable explains the solution

This is a Lightning connector one-to-two adapter cable so that the Lightning charging cable and Lightning headphones can be connected to the iPhone at the same time so that charging while using headphones to enjoy music.

This cable’s native Lightning communication interface is completely replicated to the headphone interface, and the transmission is still digital, so there is no sound quality loss for Lightning headphones connected through this cable. Because it is a complete copy of the native interface, the Lightning headset’s in-line use and call function are also completely free of obstacles, which is very different from the Lightning to 3.5mm interface on the market.

Caught in the dilemma of charging and listening to songs Goowell interprets the solution
The other Lightning port of this cable can also be connected to a PC

Not only that but its other Lightning port can also be connected to a PC to manage your phone via iTunes, which is something no other adapter cable can do at this time.

Caught in the dilemma of charging and listening to songs Perfectly save the iPhone 7 replacement headphone interface brought about by the regret

Although the 3.5mm headphone jack has been abolished from the iPhone 7 onwards, which brings a lot of uncomfortable trouble to Apple fans.

And this Apple phone charging and listening to songs and calls in-line multifunctional data cable just solves this problem.

Interface: Lightning Male To Double Lightning Female, that is: double Lightning audio adapter

Cable material: black Nylon Braided cable, length 1000mm

Shell color: black aluminum alloy material

Output current: 2A

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

Signal to noise ratio: THD+N:-80dB

Output power: 2x35mW@32Ω

Functional use description.

1, listening to songs + charging 2A + direct calls, support for all Apple original headset in-line functions.

2, headset identification time of 3 seconds.

3, listening and charging, no order of priority.

4, the product is inserted into the headset and cell phone,

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