Bulk Injected woven Lightning Data Cable, Apple Lightning Cable, Apple Lightning to USB Cable 1M2M3M or More

P/N: USB2.0 to Lightning Data Cable
NO: XGW 814
Connector: USB to Lightning
Core: OEM
Outside: TPE injection molding
Package: OPP Bag
Colour: Black, White or OEM
Weight:25 g

Additional information




1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT, Custom Length






Product Details


TPE is a kind of rubber with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, but also has the characteristics of injection molding processing.

TPE material, a class of thermoplastic elastomer, is used in ordinary transparent toys, sports equipment, etc.

With environmental protection, non-toxic safety, wide range of applications, excellent coloring, soft touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, superior processing performance, without vulcanization, can be recycled to reduce costs, both secondary injection molding, and PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other substrate materials wrapped bonding, can also be molded alone. tpe raw materials are the mainstream of the production of data lines, the perfect application in Electronic device accessories (data cable, headphone cable, audio cable, etc.).

However, most of the data cables on the market are made of PVC material, PVC in order to be able to achieve bending, the wire will add additives such as plasticizers, in contact with the user’s skin will have skin problems, in the recycling process, you can not use the burning method of treatment. Therefore, Apple has paranoid requirements for environmental protection chose TPE as the material of the data line. Compared with PVC material, TPE’s biggest drawback is: poor durability. This also led to the Apple original data line is not as good as most of the PVC material data cables on the market.

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