Apple Lightning to USB C and USB A Data Cable 2in1 Data Cable Apple Lightning Data Cable Bulk

XGW812 Apple Lightning to USB C and USB A Data Cable 2in1 Data Cable Apple Lightning Data Cable Bulk
1 Apple Lightning to USB C and to USB A Data Cable;
2 Support PD fast charge;
3 Support High-Speed Transmission;
4 Support All devices from iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc.;
5 Fabric Woven Alloy, Flexible and Foldable;
6 OEM/ODM acceptable;

Check with Goowell for More Details, here is the video link, it’s convenient for you to use it to charge with your iPhone, either if you have a charger with USB A socket or with a Type C socket, support normal charge and fast charge.

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Black, Red


1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT, Custom Length

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Product Details

One head is USB A to Lightning, it’s normal 2A with stable charge, it’s convenient for you to take out if you have only a charger with a USB A socket.

Also, for the C to lightning side, this data cable uses PD fast charging technology, which can make the charging speed 50% higher compared to ordinary data cables.

It can meet the charging demand anytime and anywhere, avoiding the trouble of working life due to the lack of power. It is equipped with the apple fast charging intelligent chip inside, which is stable and compatible with all kinds of Apple’s fast-charging devices and applications, and will not pop up while charging, affecting normal charging and completing charging more stably and efficiently.

This cable is also very careful in the use of wire, using 22AWG conductive wire, not only has better physical strength and lower resistance, and to ensures that the necessary voltage and frequency under the realization of the wire’s high capacity, provide the necessary conditions for lightning-fast charging. Layers of wrapped high-quality data cable, wear-resistant and bending resistance, not easy to break the wire leakage and other situations, better practicality.

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