USB A to Type C Micro Data Cable, Huawei 2in1 Data Cable, 2in1 Data Transmit &Charging Cable Bulk

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P/N: USB 3.0 To TypeC double-sided gold-plated nylon braided data cable
NO: XGW 651
Brand: Xingoowell
Function: Tin-plated copper wire core AWG30/22 supports fast charging with up to 5V/3A of power output and data transfer at speed of 200Mbs, Be Compatible with Huawei, Samsung, etc.
Material: High-grade nylon with Aluminum Shell
Package: OPP Bag
Colour: Red, Black

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Type-C and Micro USB both, Goowell 2-in-1 data cable brief review

The majority of our surrounding electronic products interface is still Micro USB, in order to meet the needs of different devices, we have to have two data cables: type-c interface and Micro USB interface data cable, of course, we can also achieve a line of multiple devices by buying a type-c adapter, however, embarrassing: the adapter is very easy to lose.

Today we bring you a micro USB and type-c perfect two-in-one data cable products: GOOWELL two-in-one data cable.

This two-in-one data cable has two specifications: 100CM and 30CM, the line quality with environmental protection TPE material, this material has a high elasticity and high strength of rubber, how to understand it! That is to say, we usually bend the data, winding, and other operations, and will not have a destructive impact on the data line.

This is the biggest highlight of the GOOWELL two-in-one data cable, with a small connection cable, it is realized with type-c and Micro USB 2.0 two interfaces, thus supporting more devices, it is worth mentioning; this with a small connection cable, in the elasticity and strength also deserves praise, several months of use and no breakage.

Perhaps, you will be on this two-in-one data cable Micro to Type-C connection is not strong, when using whether it will affect the charging or data transmission.

GOOWELL design should have taken into account this problem, not only cleverly connect the two interfaces together, and the entire adapter has a locking structure, usually inadvertent touch and will not loosen.

The overall surface of the adapter is a high-gloss finish, both beautiful and effective anti-fouling.

This two-in-one data cable overall white color scheme, simple and beautiful, the line quality has strength and environmental protection, and no cheap plastic sense, the overall texture than the traditional data cable texture is much better, and the price is also very affordable.

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