XGW648 PU Printing USB2.0 to Type C Data Cable, Android USB C Cable Type C to Type A USB Cable Bulk

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P/N: PU material USB 2.0 to TypeC Male charge Data cable
NO: XGW 648
Function: Tin-plated copper wire core AWG28/24 supports fast charging with up to 5V/2.4A of power output and data transfer at speed of 480Mbps, Be Compatible with Android system of Type C interface.
Material: High-grade PU with Aluminum Shell
Package: OPP Bag
Colour: Black/Red(OEM)
Length: 1M
Weight: 30g

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dark pattern, light pattern

Connector Type

USB A to Type C


1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT, Custom Length




Product Details


For data exchange purposes, electronic devices are provided with USB ports, whether they are PCs, tablet points or cell phones, or even display devices. Almost without exception, all have USB ports. However, due to the limitations of technical standards, so that the USB plug has a “directional” when inserted in the wrong direction, it either can not be inserted or plug bad interface or connector. In this case, Apple-designed for its devices lightning interface, as both directions can be inserted, users no longer have to worry about plugging the wrong problem. In addition to Apple devices, in fact, the T industry has also introduced a similar interface standard: USB Type-C

The USB Type-C trend was first led by Apple, with the introduction of the new MacBook bringing USB Type-c. This powerful technology was brought to our attention. USB Type-C is an interface specification that consists of a Type-C plug and a Type-C socket. In various mobile devices and PCs, Type-C has become the most promising data interface for development. With the gradual maturity of Type-C technology, all kinds of newly listed electronic products in 2017 also choose to configure the full Type-C interface one after another

In fact, the most intuitive advantage of Type-C is that it allows you to completely get rid of the trouble of plugging in cables, and its inherently excellent design of positive and negative pluggable interfaces will no longer lead to damage to components after a wrong plug or mistake. More importantly, the Type-C interface has strong compatibility, so it becomes a standardized interface that can connect all electronic devices such as PCs, game consoles, smartphones, storage devices and expansions, and realize the unity of data transmission and power supply, for example, two display devices are used closely together through a Type-C cable.

In addition, Type-C also supports the USB 3.1 standard. This standard supplies up to 100W with increased voltage and current; reducing coding consumption from 20% to 3% of 3.0. In other words, users will be able to quickly transfer data and video through Type-C or charge faster. The standard also allows users to use their own phones to charge other devices. As for the display, the use of Type-C for data transmission does not require the use of a separate power cable to power the display, solving the problem of messy desktop cables, even if the current relatively high-end HDMI and DP interfaces can not be used

What is PU material?

PU finish leather is the natural leather of the second and third layer of the inner leather, residual leather by special film-making paste pressure film process method processing, in the leather surface covered with polyurethane PU top layer made, which makes the surface of the leather presents a variety of colors, a variety of patterns, and does not lose the advantages of leather breathable, folding resistance, in appearance and waterproof performance has its unique features.
PU is also known as recycled leather, recycled leather. It is characterized by lightweight, wear resistance not slippery, cold resistance, chemical resistance, but expensive, easy to tear, poor mechanical strength, poor tear strength. PU color is less. The main color is black or brown. The texture is soft, suitable for casual bags or furniture skin, the price is not high, easy to decolorize.

PU fabric is a simulation of leather fabric, synthetic from man-made materials, with the texture of real leather, very strong and durable, and low price. People often say PU leather is leather material, such as PVC leather material, Italian leather chaff paper, recycled leather, etc. The manufacturing process is slightly more complicated, because the PU backing fabric tensile strength is good, in addition to the coating on the backing fabric, but also the backing fabric can be included so that outside the presence of the backing fabric can not be seen. The characteristics of PU material mainly can be reflected in the following points.

1, good physical properties, flexural resistance, good softness, tensile strength, breathability. PU fabric pattern is a kind of patterned paper first hot paste pressed on the surface of semi-finished leather, wait for cooling down and then carry out the separation of paper leather, do the surface treatment.

2, high breathability, temperature permeability can reach 8000-14000g/24h/cm2, high peel strength, high water pressure resistance, is the ideal material for waterproof and breathable clothing fabric top and bottom layer.

3, the price is high, the price of certain special requirements of PU fabrics than PVC fabrics to be 2-3 times higher. The general PU fabrics need a patterned paper that can only be used 4-5 times that is scrapped;

4、The use cycle of the pattern roller is long, so the cost of PU leather is higher than that of PVC leather.

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