Metal Cover Nylon Braided Micro USB Cable,1M Micro USB Charging Cable, Long Micro USB Data Cable Bulk

Product Parameters
P/N: USB2.0 to Micro Data Cable
NO: XGW 633
Brand: Xingoowell
Function: Tin-plated copper wire core AWG28/24 support fast charging with up to 5V/2.4A of power output and data transfer at speed of 480Mbps, Be Compatible with Android Micro Interface.
Material: High-grade nylon with Aluminum Shell
Package: OPP Bag
Color: Red,Gold,Black,Pink,Purple,Blue,Gray,White(OEM)

Additional information


Black, Grey, Red, White




1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT, Custom Length




Product Details

Before we understand the advantages and disadvantages of nylon braided material data cable, Goowell manufacturer engineers first science of what nylon braided material. Renhao engineers pointed out that: nylon is a polyamide fiber (nylon) a way of saying that can be made into long or short fibers, nylon is the trade name of polyamide fiber, also known as Nai Lun (Nylon). This material has the characteristics of flame retardancy, high strength, abrasion resistance, electrical insulation, etc. Its plastic material is translucent, white or black crystalline polymer, with plasticity. Nylon’s strength and abrasion resistance are good, ranking first among fibers.
Advantages of nylon braided material data cable:
1. Excellent durability, not easy to deformation:
2. Increase the aesthetics and external tensile strength of the cable;
3. No jerking off phenomenon, soft, bending and fitting, very good resilience, not easy to tangle or crease.
The disadvantages of nylon braided material data cable:
1. Greater moisture absorption;
2. Not enough dimensional stability.

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