OPPO Green Connector USB A 2.0 to Micro Fast Charge Cable

TPE material

Green Color specially designed for OPPO

3A Fast Charge Data Cable, Use Green connectors normally designed for OPPO, but also compatible with all other devices with Micro Interface. USB2.0 or USB3.0 upon your requirements.

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1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT, Custom Length


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OPPO cell phone fast-charging power mainly depends on the charging head, only using the OPPO cell phone supporting fast charging head can charge the phone with the maximum power supported by the phone. It should be noted that since VOOC flash chargings is a fast-charging solution using low voltage and high current, it should also be used in conjunction with the charging line, otherwise the fast charging mode cannot be triggered. The following is a detailed description.
1, when charging the phone, the charging head determines the size of the voltage and current. Therefore the power of the charging head determines the maximum charging power of the phone.

2, because VOOC flash charging is the use of a low-voltage high-current fast charging scheme, you need to cooperate with the official charging cable to trigger the flash charging protocol. OPPO flash charging micro-USB for example, OPPO custom use is 7 contact pin, unlike the market is sold in 5 contact pin data port design, so ordinary charging cable can not trigger the OPPO flash charging protocol;

3, in addition, the low voltage high current also determines the difference in the wire material, VOOC original charging cable has a thicker wire diameter, used to meet the high current transmission of 5A or more.

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