White TPE USB C to USB A Data Transfer Cable, USB C to USB A Fast Charging Cable, USB C Fast Charge

P/N: Type-C 5A fast charging cable
NO: XGW 815
Brand: Xingoowell
Connector: USB to Type-C
Core: OEM
Outside: TPE injection molding
Package: OPP Bag
Colour: Black, White or OEM
Weight:25 g

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1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT, Custom Length




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The poor battery life of smartphones has been a clichéd topic. In the face of this century-old problem, both chip manufacturers, or cell phone manufacturers are working hard, from the “fast charging” on the launch of a variety of fast charging standards, the means to achieve differently, some to improve the charging voltage, some to improve the charging current, but also a two-pronged approach, in short, under the premise of safety, in order to improve Charging efficiency, manufacturers are really doing everything possible.

However, the good charging technology, the current will eventually be transmitted to the phone through the charging cable, the phone’s battery status information must also be transmitted to the power supply through the charging cable. At this point, with a high-quality charging cable, is particularly important that it allows the phone and charger potential to be fully realized.

And Type-C is undoubtedly the more popular and more valued data cable on the current market, in addition to the portability of a known positive and negative can be inserted, the high current brings efficient charging performance is also an obvious advantage. However, although the same Type-C data line, but different brands of data lines due to the design, manufacturing process, and the use of different materials, there are not small differences in charging efficiency.

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