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Anti-drop is a big project,  All you need to know about iPhone 13 phone case

People have left comments wanting to see an article of cell phone case recommendations for iPhone 13 or other mobile phones, that this time to meet your requirements.


How to protect your mobile phone screen made of glass? The phone case is the most important protection work, according to the author’s years of “naked” experience, tempered film for the frontal collision effect is better, but for the more common edge collision does not play a protective effect, and edge deformation extrusion is an important cause of screen edge shattering.


There are all kinds of phone protective cases on the market, TPU, glass, silicone, carbon fiber, metal …… makes people dazzled, but now with the launch of MagSafe, the cases can be divided into two kinds according to with and without MagSafe.


After the phone with a protective case, relying on the phone’s built-in magnetic suction module is a bit overwhelming, so the case built-in magnetic suction module can make up for the magnetic force, Apple’s official transparent case can clearly see the white circle, which is the MagSafe magnetic suction module. 


Currently, there are various third-party magnetic accessories on the market, and the force of the magnets varies, but it is certain that without MagSafe’s case, it is basically impossible to use a magnetic phone holder, an accessory that requires high magnetic force.


           Since it is Apple’s product, naturally Apple is going to collect the tax. Apple has introduced Made For MagSafe certification for magnetic modules, or MFM for short, but only OtterBox, a third-party brand, has been certified on Apple’s official store, and there are very few MFM certified products on the market!


As an MFi certified manufacturer, Goowell could make this Magsafe product for you upon your request. Please contact us for details according to your requirement.

However, unlike the MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charger, this magnetic suction module has no electronic circuitry, and as long as the magnetic suction module corresponds neatly, many third-party MagSafe magnetic suction phone cases are also trustworthy。


Of course, according to the author’s friends’ feedback, unless you are a really digital enthusiast, very few ordinary users will use the MagSafe magnetic suction function, if you have not used it, maybe at the first you could use the magnetic suction wireless charger to feel the magnetic suction connection.

magnetic suction wireless charger

Edge protection is the first standard to measure the phone case is not competent, many manufacturers do the special treatment at the corners, such as multi-layer structure, or even the use of expensive impact-resistant materials, such as D3O. edge of the thickening process will inevitably increase the width of the phone, thin or durable, which do you prefer?


Generally speaking, the protection circle is higher than the lens, some manufacturers do the opposite, it seems to protect, the actual protection circle is lower than the lens, can the lens protect the phone case from being worn? it is really speechless.

Cell phone lens openings can also be divided into the full package and open holes, Apple’s original one is the use of open holes, it will look beautiful, but the protection is certainly not as good as the full package.。


Although the full package is ugly, it can also block the dust. In a word, the full package of the phone case protection performance is really perfect, and also to a certain extent can play a role in place of the phone lens film.


Push keys are easy to ignore during the point of purchase, but often have the most impact on the use of experience, the market is common in three ways: leave empty, independent open key, and cover, the cover is the most common way, especially for some low-cost hard phone case, the key is basically the same as the feel of the pressed iron surface, what kind of price to buy what kind of goods, so the truth is still quite spiritual.

After all this, the next is the product recommendation part, here according to the characteristics of the phone case, divided into four types: the original experience, pressure reduction and anti-drop, thin and light fit,and unique design. Here they are coming!

Original taste, original experience

Although the original has premier workmanship, the price is also very high, if the phone case is broken is very heartbreaking. Since it is the original, there must be a MagSafe module, here Apple has officially launched three kinds of cases made of silicone, transparent, and leather.

MagSafe protective case

1、Apple Silicone Protective Case  


Original silicone case, feel silky smooth, with a variety of quite good-looking colors, the price may be the biggest drawback of this silicone shell, other are old problems like easy to oil, winter sticky hair, etc.

2、Apple Transparent Protective Case


The transparent case is also the favorite of many people, since it is transparent, the MagSafe magnetic module can not be hidden, but fortunately, the logo is in the center of the circle, covering the module. TPU + PC material, soft edge with a hardback cover, the feel is still good. Note that the location of the charging port is left empty, which is quite anti-human, please be careful to buy if you mind.

3、Apple Leather Protective Case  


Apple said before to use environmentally friendly products, this obviously not! The use of leather material, the feel is not to say, flocking process inside the shell, so the feel of the keys is the best of the three original phone case, bump easily to fall off the skin is also an old problem, want to get this one phone case can not avoid this problem, a life well, inevitably bump.

Super protection, decompression, anti-drop

Like to fall on the phone to deter others and self-defense partners to see here ~ here I have selected for you three quite durable phone cases, but these three do not support MagSafe magnetic suction and are not lightweight if often used outdoors, you still need to consider.

Ordinary Protective Case

1、ZAGG Reinforced backing antibacterial phone case


Claimed military drop-proof, the bottom line is that the bezel, back panel using D3O material, the characteristics of this material is a bit like starch, eat soft not hard, daily use feels soft when dropped to provide solid protection. Business style, twill design looks good at the same time is also quite difficult to clean, but fortunately, the shell material using antibacterial technology.

2、 Defense Airbag full package drop protection case 


The fourth generation of Multi-ap drop-proof technology, is the edge of the thickening treatment plus anti-collision airbag, as long as the thickened enough, the phone is heavy enough to not break the glass.

3、UAG Airbag drop-proof hard case 


The promotional pictures show that this is a case designed for outdoor use, anti-drop and anti-roll, even using screws to fix the anti-roll clip, the bezel projection is also up to 2mm. protection is pulled full, but for this unique shape, I wonder if the user can accept.

4、PureGear Anti-drop Protective Case 


Case brand from the United States, the outer PC hard shell to resist impact, the inner soft TPU shock absorption to further protect the phone, the corners of the 3M shock pad thickening treatment, and higher than the screen 3mm, how to fall are not afraid. The suspension system is designed to speed up air circulation and heat dissipation while taking more care of the phone.

Lightweight and snug as if it were nothing

The author has to admit that this is a pseudo-proposition, the market is indeed full of thin and light phone cases, but the basic protection effect must be guaranteed, so the next recommended cases are only relatively thin and light styles.

MagSafe Protective Case

1、ZAGG Crystal clear magnetic suction case


Clear case, and it’s all wrapped up! Much better than the original Apple transparent case. As with the original, the magnetic module is clearly visible, and the grip adds a non-slip grip, which is really a blessing for users with sweaty hands.

2、Baseus Magnetic Case 


The biggest problem with transparent cases is the yellowing problem, after all, the material is transparent, a discoloration looks dirty. This case is made of imported Bayer PC material, more transparent, but also more anti-oxidant. The back is covered with an oleophobic layer, say goodbye to fingerprints, use cleaner.

3、UGREEN Magnetic Case


The same use of Bayer anti-yellow material, durable, long use can still be clear and bright projection, restore the original color; special Kawasaki-type airbag at the corners to disperse the impact, safety is better. Strong magnetic module, cell phone charging, provide more solid support.

Ordinary Protective Case

1、Benks Zero Sense Lightweight Case


It is one of the lightest and thinnest phone cases in these models, with frosted material, a fully wrapped lens, and negligible weight. Skin-friendly process, nano-brushed, to ensure that the feel and at the same time can also say goodbye to fingerprint trouble.

2、TORRAS Transparent Phone Case


The same all-inclusive design, with a special design at the edge position, additional airbag bumper, and three-layer cushioning shock-absorbing edge, can effectively resist the daily impact.

3、UGREEN Transparent Phone Case


Seemingly transparent, but this case uses a multi-layer composite material, PC + acrylic material clever combination of weight loss and anti-drop for all you want. Comes with a sticker, transparent can also be full of personality.

4、PISEN Transparent Phone Case


Lens full package design, edge wave roll airbag more drop-proof; imported TPU material, upgrade antioxidant capacity, back covered with AF oleophobic layer, isolate hand sweat at the same time to avoid fingerprint intrusion.

Originality and unique flavor

Finally to the last type, these cases below are a little different from the others, each with its own characteristics.

MagSafe Protective Case

1、ZAGG Heat dissipation antibacterial magnetic suction case


The case is optimized for handheld games and is also made of D3O, which is definitely great for drop resistance. As for the optimization for games, mainly the back hollow vent and edge ergonomic design, support MagSafe magnetic suction is also more convenient to play while charging.

2、PITATA Magnetic Case


The famous Kevlar bulletproof material, the phone’s “bulletproof undershirt”, feels thin and light, about 20g weight as if nothing. Built-in magnetic module, thin, light, and functional.

Ordinary Protective Phone Case

1、ESR Glass back cover phone case 


TPU + glass material back cover imported Bayer original material, translucent and clear, refuse to be yellowing. The back panel is as thin as 0.8mm, quenched and tempered, covered with an oleophobic layer, stain-resistant, and fingerprint-resistant, restoring the original color of the phone.

2、OtterBox Silicone airbag holder phone Shell


At first glance, you may think that the circle behind is a magnetic module, no, this is the phone stand, did not expect it ~ as deep cooperation with Apple’s brand, the quality of this case is guaranteed.

According to the repair price on Apple’s official website ……1699 CNY(around USD265) to start, it is true that you can save a lot of money by choosing a case with a protective power pulling full.


The above introduces so many different kinds of cell phone cases, is there be one you are excited about? Hurry up and buy one to protect your phone screen!


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