Apple MFI Certified Braided Lightning Cable Apple Lightning Cable Original MFi Certified Cable Bulk

Product Parameters

P/N: Apple MFI certified data cable
NO: XGW 622
Brand: Xingoowell
Connector: USB to Lightning
Core: Tin copper three cores three grounds
Material: TPE+high-grade nylon woven
Outside: Aluminum shell
Chip: Apple certified original chip
Package: Opp Bag
Colour: Black, Grey, Gold, Pink
Selling Point: 100% Original Apple USB cables Passed MFI. Compatible with all of Apple mobile phones and iPad Devices.

Additional information


Black, Grey, White


1M/3.3FT, 2M/6.6FT, Custom Length




Product Details

What is Apple MFi Certified Cable?

Apple MFi is a License Apple Inc. sends to manufacturers for its accessories, it’s could be called “Made for iOS“.

  • Safety – Original Certified Apple Chip for its cable to make sure mobile phone and cable will not get hot when charging to avoid battery damage
  • Compatibility – Compatible with the iOS system fully and will not have pop up window
  • Charging Efficiency – Double Sides Braided Shielding, Low Resistance, Fast Charge
  • Durable Test – 10,000 times plug and off testing, Connector is Durable and Strong

When you are buying good quality things you are feeling heartache, but when using it, every day is happy.

Apple’s MFi data cable is also the same, expensive, but it has reasons to be expensive.

For example, MFi certified data cable built-in original encryption chip, there will never be incompatible versions;

Apple has strict requirements and quality control of the design and internal structure of the cable, and Apple has strict requirements for the manufacturer’s production qualifications to ensure that the product has excellent quality;

when the voltage exceeds 6.6V , the cable will turn off the current, so the fires that occur in Apple can basically be identified as using a copycat charger or cable.

Data cable, length of 1 meter, the same metal shell wrapped plug, the wire is wrapped in nylon braid, but our line is thinner, softer, and the wire does not heat up when charging iPad at full speed, the reputation is very good.

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