E75 High Imiation Chip Foxconn Apple Original Cable Manufacturer in China

Cheap Price Original White Foxconn E75 Intelligent Chip iPhone Lightning Cable, iPhone Charger Cable
Foxconn E75 Intelligent Chip USB A to Iphone Cable, iPhone Lightning Cable, iPhone Charger Cable
XGW805 Vietnam Foxconn Four Cores Pink Over
XGW806 Vietnam Foxconn Three Cores Three Grounds with Alu shell
XGW807 Taiwan Foxconn Three Cores Three Grounds with Alu Shell and Nylon Braided
Same appearance and size as original Apple Lightning Cable with low cost so you will not feel pity is one Cable is missing and could stock many pieces in different locations for daily use
Up to 2A max Intelligent with Stable Quick Output, enjoy your Smooth Experience
Quality Assured Cable with No Breakage

Additional information

Connector Type

USB A to Lightning






5V1A, 5V2A


Product Details

The difference between domestic OEM data lightning material, the more components on the PCB board on the lightning connector, the better the performance.

1. three components, five components, eight components refer to the number of chips used in the data cable, the official general eight components, compatibility is also the best.

E75, C48 is to distinguish the original Apple data line and MFI factory data line specially set program information

2. Poor data line, if the line body is soft, sticky, easy to break is made of low-grain material

3. High particle data line is not easy to have soft body, sticky, the more particles the better the quality.

For sure the cable material and connector workmanship is also important to make a good lightning cable.

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