Mini 2 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, True Wireless Stereo Earbuds, TWS True Wireless Stereo i12

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1) Small and Light, heartbeat
2) Eight new upgraded experiences
. Craft and Feel, Beyond Imagination
. Each Earphone can be used alone, breakthrough the master-slave limitation of traditional wireless headphones and listen to whichever one you want, Random left/right binaural switching.
. TWS wireless technology
. Bluetooth V5.0 is one step faster

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120g(including box)

Connector Type

Micro Connector to charge


Product Details

In-ear true wireless headphones are comfortable to wear, very popular with consumers, but due to structural problems wearing stability in general, want to support the ANC active noise cancellation function is not easy.

GOOWELL in wireless headphones first made an attempt, recently released a new wireless headphone, the industry’s first semi-open adaptive noise reduction technology (AEM), the maximum noise reduction depth can reach 25dB, it is not easy.

The charging box continues the classic “pie” type appearance, compared to the previous generation of products more compact and thin, and wireless charging function has become standard; headphones using dual-microphone hybrid noise cancellation technology, with millimeter-level human ear space acoustic wave detection, can intelligently optimize the noise reduction effect; headphones pickup microphone using semi-closed wind noise design, to Reduce wind noise interference; built-in 14.3mm wide-range sound unit, independent sound cavity design, support for AEM human ear adaptive audio technology, you can achieve a personalized music experience.

At the interaction level, this headset upgraded double-click, long press, and slide up and down to increase or decrease the volume of three control modes; headset supports cross-platform, cross-brand dual devices connected at the same time, easy to quickly switch between devices; and ANDROID or IOS system when the phone is connected, it supports shooting video with headset radio, audio sampling rate up to 48kHz, and the headset and the relevant phone connection latency will be significantly reduced.

Continuity, in only Bluetooth mode, the single duration of 4 hours, with the charging box total duration of 22 hours; open noise cancellation mode, the headset single duration of 2.5 hours, the overall duration of 14 hours; headset support fast charging function, charging 15 minutes to play music 2.5 hours.

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